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Awww sitting here looking at Facebook memories from college and high-school. Its crazy to believe at one point of time I was 19, 21, hell 25!! But turning 27 earlier this year, really smacked in the face reminding me that TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE... I am now on the other side of the mountain top smh a bittersweet feeling. What once didn't matter to me has become a thing of top priority. Aside from stability and direction, good sex and a decent man has never been this hard to obtain. I mean WHAT THE FUCK!! Do I have to pay someone to be my man? Rent a NIGGA?!! Build a Brotha?!!

Like where do I find a man suitable for me and vice versa. I know I know, life is not about finding a man but COME ON, I just need a permanent cuddle buddy, a consistent sex slave, a partner in crime. On the brighter side, my podcast has elevated drastically, which is motivating an overwhelming. What was once a minor hobby has completely consumed my life, like this is EVERYTHING. Quick back-story ...

I use to work in the corporate field at a major, MAJOR company and I mean it wasn't to bad it just wasn't meant for me. Do you understand that? It wasn't meant for me. As I've gotten older I've appreciated the fact that I know myself, I know who TF I am, and what my purpose is. Even if I don't become famous, this is what I'm made to do, I live it and breathe it. If I had this job at 21 I would of been ecstatic!! But working there at 26 and seeing all the people who have been working there for YEARS and felt this was it just didn't sit right with my spirt. But I stuck it out for a year and half cause shit a bih got bills to pay and habits to support lmao!! But then God removed that job and allowed more time to sharped my purpose...

Lastly, getting over that 25 hump showed me "YOU CANT TAKE EVERYONE WITH YOU". My circle has grown and gotten smaller, if that makes sense. People who I thought would be around FOREVER have found a way to slip right out of my life. Its like people you use to know just become apart of memories or some shit. And with people being so temporary, you can't help but to move on with your life. You start prioritizing shit, making room for things of substance, not just convenience. I started branching out more and meeting different types of people, who provided an overflow of substance ya feel me? People who help you see a vision you weren't sure anyone else was aware of. The 25+ club has taught me how to be nonjudgemental and forgiving as shit, because life is shot but its also about evolving and expanding. You can't grow if you don't get a little uncomfortable. Overall I've learned 3 MAJOR KEYS!!!

1. Finding love is never easy.

2. Leaving people behind is necessary

3. Knowing yourself/purpose is important as FUCK

Im 27, not 30 yet but I feel 33 sometimes lol. Thinking about my future and my next 10 years more strategically and constant these days. Seems like time is no longer on my side and I'm coo with that, figuring out the next move has never been so important. It's no longer about plan A, you need plan B, C, D, E, F and goddammit a G as a last resort!! I am single and with no children, and maybe thats the way it has to be until I get to where I need to be. But I am using these last wonderful years of my 20's to explore, expand, evolve and ELEVATE. I don't know what these last few years will teach me, lord wiling I'll stop playing myself and get a real man and a real relationship. Or maybe I'll actually fold clothes fresh out the dryer instead of waiting a week lol Or maybe I'll be able to host Thanksgiving for the fam..., naw that's pushing it lol

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