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A Pisces woman is...

Resilient, outgoing and strong. Smart, inspiring and daring. She lives in her truths, never running away from them. A complicated yet simplistic woman, knowing her limits yet consistently pushing for the next level. A leader... embodying all that is a powerful "woman", from her voice to her speech to her demeanor. Made of armor so thick, she is ready for any battle and a head full of intelligence and strategy. Although she is strong, emotion is her true weakness......

Driven by a wave of empathy at times, causing this Pisces woman to become frustrated. Helplessly drawn to love and those who need love or wish to give it. She has a way of not expressing her feelings until you turn the crazy up!!! A healer, a lover a hopeless romantic. It may not always be pertaining to a relationship, it can simply be the idea of hope... the idea that with "hope" certain things can manifest. A sexual GODDESS.. "I Said what I said", or GOD, being attractive either all physical, all mental, all personality wise or everything at once. Sexual elite, willing to please her partner and offer herself completely for the right man or partner. A true dreamer, a creative... always pushing the next idea and project out, not afraid of expression "clearly" lol. Proud of her self and certain of who she is. A psychic filled with powers that show strength daily, a source of magic and wonder. Intelligent she is... but sometimes overly full of herself.. lmao!

Hardheaded at times, well all the time really, but always with good intentions. Manifesting a different life, a better life and doing whatever is necessary to attain it. No longer a slave to the idea of a commitment. A man does not and will NEVER define this Pisces woman, for she IS and will ALWAYS the master of her capabilities lbs!! A believer that what is mean to be will be. A friend, therapist, advisor and confidant. Your secrets and darkest actions are FOREVER safe with her.. she understands the importance of the "principle" of shit.

A weed LOVER, enthusiast whatever you wanna call it!! Finding both inspiration and relief from this miracle plant lol. Not using it as a drug but as a source of enlightenment and relaxation, bringing peace, clarity and direction all at once. A woman who knows her purpose and walks in it DAILY. Believing in herself, no matter who else doesn't, pushing herself when no one else bothers to support. Being content with "self", being happy with who she is ALONE. A confident yet humble woman, can sense the doubt in other people but NEVER doubts herself.

...Wiser beyond her years, yet her spirit is so young and vibrant. Drawn to positivity like moth to a flame. A light is so radiant you can see it all around her aura. Not a saint and never will claim to be. She makes mistakes, fucks up, learns how to get tf back up after failing and then failing again. RESILIENCE is her middle name, the Pisces woman isn't anything to under mind or overlook.

A Pisces woman is .....EXTRAORDINARY...

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