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Analicia Lasett .. "She Leads..EVERYONE follows.."

Let's get one thing clear, women are literally killing shit out here. From clothing, to businesses and especially music. This amazing artist is a woman filled with talent, poise, style and creativity. A woman who isn't afraid to be her truest self, while being so dominant in her delivery with her music. The memorable Analicia Lasett, born in Springfield but raised in Waukegan, IL a natural lover of music writing her first song at the age of 9! With musical influences like..

Selena Quintanilla is my biggest musical inspiration along with a variety of different hip-hop artists during my childhood years such as LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, Biggie, Left Eye etc

It's no surprise how authentic her music sounds. I mean she just flows effortlessly over any beat, making it hers!!! I'm not going to lie it was the big luscious hair and big hoops that initially caught my attention, (What conditioner do you use btw? lol). But after hearing some of her early music on her youtube page "Analicia Lasett", I was intrigued , hell mesmerized if you will that this female rapper was bringing the heat like this!!! Clearly I was sleeping on you girl!!

Describing her style as "hip-hop with a touch of today’s sound. Her style isn’t the type to be played in clubs. It's entertaining, refreshing, and original. It continues to change as she develops as an artist.."

I love the variety she brings to music, from her earlier tracks like "They know it" to her spoken word like flow on "Lily of the Valley" (felt like I was in church AMEN!!) to one of my favorites of her's "My First Love". The video was amazing and it the meaning behind the song makes the video even more captivating, honestly I don't know if I've ever met another artist who loves and understands the beauty of music as much as Analicia does, she describes some of the detail behind this masterpiece.

If you ever listened to me, you are aware of how much passion I bring into my music. You know how much music plays a role in my life. I wanted to create a track that focused on my relationship with music. I wanted to describe it in a way that made it seem like music was more than just a sound to me. I was working on that single for almost two years before it dropped

With a big part of her inspiration coming from not having an outlet as a child and being alone. Analicia found her voice and a sense of comfort writing and creating music. Being a female artist alone can be tricky with the pressures to change, but being a female rapper must be harder with men trying to intimidate or downplay your craft. But Analicia she's not for NONE when it comes to showing off her skills, she's NEVER felt intimidated or discouraged.

If anything, the male rappers are intimated by me because they know what I bring to the table. They know I bring a different sound, image, and I challenge myself to bring content that most people don’t expect coming from a female rapper. 

"CLAPS HANDS UNCONTROLLABLY!!!" Aw yea, she's definitely going to be a PROBLEM, in the best way though lol. I love women who are unapologetically confident in who they are and what they do. 2019 was also a great year for her, she performed for Oakdale Elementary School for Black History month, describing it has her favorite performance thus far. She also dropped her hit "Refresher" with the sensual Maxxine, (video was lit, lit)!!

My single Refresher with Maxxine was the highlight of my 2019. Maxxine and I worked so hard to make everything happen for that single. From the song, to promotion, to even the music video, we had so many people involved. The amount of people who showed up for the music video only turned our music video into a party. All of the hard work paid off and everyone was satisfied. 

Hit the link below to check it out!!

Im anxious to see what's in store for this "Visionary in the Making", already she has hinted at a few things to come. I just announced recently that I am dropping a new project this summer titled ‘737’. I also have a music video that will be releasing soon so stay tuned.

Analicia who describes her style as universal, is paving a way for female artist like never before. From her delivery, to the beats, the videos and the messages behind her songs, she's reminding us what it truly means to love what you do and do what you LOVE!! Oh did I mention she loves to teach?

I love working with kids especially children with special needs. I currently work with with the Special Education District of Lake County and have been since I graduated college almost 3 years ago. It’s an honor being able to pursue everything I love all at once!

Like who you sent you?!! We are not worthy Queen!! lol. As always I love for artist to leave thoughts of encouragement and words to live by, as we all could use some motivation. In the words of Analicia herself...

STAY CONSISTENT. STAY DETERMINED. STAY FOCUSED. INVEST IN YOUR CRAFT. Do not compare yourself to the next artist because you will NEVER be satisfied with who you are as an artist and even a person. There will always be someone out there who is better than you at something, but don’t use that to bring you down. Use that to motivate you even more. Accept who are you as an artist and a person and everything will fall into place. 

We see you doing your thang Queen, paving a way like never before.

She leads, everyone follows..

Make sure to follow her on youtube Analicia Lasett, and IG @analicialasett

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