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Are you a "MANEATER"? Quiz

You ever heard of the term "maneater" or "heartbreaker"? Yea well since I hit puberty I've been told I was gonna cause problems lol. Truth is no one told me the problems would come from men..not me.. lmao I've seriously only had 2 real relationships my entire life, but for some reason Im ever rarely alone lol. So it hit me... damn am I a "MANEATER"? Have I evolved into a female with nigga tendencies? Using some men for pleasure and then tossing them away like a pair of old lashes. SMH!! Urban Dictionary provides a very ummmm one sided definition .....

"MAN-EAT-ER (Noun)-slang, A sexually aggressive woman who has multiple male sexual partners and is considered to be scheming or manipulative."

DAMN now I went from "MANEATER" to GOLD DIGGER realllllllllll quick!! Slow it down!! Honestly, tho I do prefer casual sex these days, less problems more freedom. But all of that other stuff "AHT AHT" ya'll really tried it. This double sided definition is just BS , its not about scheming..its more so about living "Freely".... Take the quiz below to find out....


1. Are you a woman who usually calls the shots or you just go with the flow?

A. I'm the HBIC in here!!

B. I just go with what feels right.

2. How long do you wait to give some pussy to a man you like?

A. No time length, it happens when it happens.

B. 30-day rule mothafucka!!

C. The 1st night if he lucky

D. I need a relationship before sex. PERIOD.

3.Usually date one guy or multiple men at a time?

A. 2 guys, ya always need a backup

B.One guy onaaallaayyy.

C. I be in the house bro

D. The more the merrier , may the best man win

4. Have you ever just left a man alone for no reason at all?

A.All the time its sick.

B. Only once or twice, that's rude af

5.Do you prefer relationship you or single you?

A.Single me is literally my best version of ME

B. I need relationship Dick. And a man who understands I'm the star.

6.How long does it typically take you to get over good dick?

A. 1 week

B.Even if I hit you once your apart of my collection (FOREVER)

C.1 month

D. However long till I find better dick lol

7. Do you have more male friends then female friends?

A. One of the guys, only hotter

B. Men just wanna fuck ya, so fuck em.

8. Do you ever go back to old dick?

A. Old dick ain't nothing but a headache

B. Every now and then

SOOOO How did we do?

If you picked A for everything your no doubt, 10000000 %, full throttle "MAN-EAT-ER" okay!! Your a woman who wears the panties and knows it!! Not afraid to speak your mind about anything especially SEX. Honestly to me the whole part about being sexually aggressive holds some weight lol Its MY DICK AND I NEED IT NOW!!! Too forward?!! LMAO. You know that you can have options whenever and however, but you still have the ability to be selective with that pussy, make a mf work for it or put it on him and never respond to a text message again. Could go either way lol A relationship is tempting, but you love yourself better than any man ever could right now, hell maybe even EVER. You don't waste to much time getting in your feelings about men, because we all know "THESE MFS ARE FOR EVERYONE". And for every man that won't there's a good 5 more that will and then some. Lastly, your a guy's girl, meaning your so chill that men actually enjoy all of you, ya'll do know there's men who hang out solely for pussy right?

Im just the messenger, don't confuse fucking with friendship. Anyway, you're able to chill with men during the day lol Go out to social settings, so once a man gets use to being with you on a platonic level, Babbyyy he won't leave that ass alone. Which again gives you the power to hit it and quit if needed.

Is being a "MAN-EAT-ER" a bad thing?

HELL NO!! If anything it provides a sense of control and this vibe about you that is unfuckwithable. Off bat men will try to break you, try to crack the code that is "MAN-EAT-ER", but far too many will fail. Having sexual freedom and liberation is it not? Being able to love and fuck as you please without stressing or added pressure is rewarding. Damn is this what Men feel like? lmao!! You also don't take any shit, you're not afraid to speak your mind and you're also not afraid of being alone. Hell you actually prefer solitude after getting fucked for 4 days straight. Having multiple men doesn't excite you, 1 or 2 will do fine as you only use men for a few things. Your influence over men is outstanding, once they've encountered you once, they can't seem to shake you. Because seriously, I've got niggas from high-school and freshmen year of college still doing me "favors" ya hear me!!

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with this, but it doesn't necessarily mean you will find love either. If anything this probably makes you difficult to love or understand sometimes. (ANOTER PROBLEM I HAVE). Men seem to think I'm always playing..and maybe I am..but when I'm serious they never are..and so the game continues...We are not bullet proof, dont think this means we have an invisible shield that keeps us immune from "fuck niggas", BECAUSE WE DONT. If anything we just bounce back a little faster and better.

Ladies if your not a "MAN-EAT-ER" its alllllll good. You're a more calmer woman who does believe things should go a certain way. Whenever you wake up from that dream, I will be right here, welcoming you to the darkside lmao!!

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