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Artist DeSaviour uses old and new musical influence

Hip hop artist DeSaviour brings charisma and charm followed by enchanting melodies to the music world. With a smooth and alluring sound, he's bringing an untouchable vibe and GQ style. Hailing from ST. Louis, DeSaviour's flow is a perfect mix of colorful lyrics followed by stylish beats, the man be FLOATING WHEN HE RHYMES!!! Singles like "Charisma" & "Mirrors" show off his inner crooner. While singles like "Dee where you been" show off his detailed lyricism and skillful world-play.

The album "No Valentine" was a classic project from DeSaviour, blending throwback sounds with futuristic influence. Each track telling a different story and perspective with sensual hits like "Slide" & "Catch a Vibe". All 10 tracks blend so well together, detailing his life's journey and challenges with love, it's a heartfelt album to get lost in. DeSaviour has a sound so unique, combining old school undertones and R&B like harmonies with a modern delivery. He's absolutely an artist to add to your playlist ASAP!!

Keep up with the talented artist on all social media:

IG @desaviour

Youtube: DeSaviour

TikTok : Dedaike

Check out the visual for "Catch A Vibe" below !!

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