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Aspen Noah is bringing vibrant colors and vivid dreams to life with his sensual EP "Pastel Dreams". This 4 track dedication to all that is beautiful and brown is a true expression of LOVE, PASSION, ADMIRATION and EMOTION. Aspen has already given us a classic without even trying.

"Pastel Dreams" starts with a loving dedication, "Coca Bean". A chant "Brown Sugar girls gonna run this whole world.." fills the melodic and calming beat. Aspen describes the various shades of black beauty, using delicious word play..."Coffee Cappuccino, Mocha Frappuccino, Caramel Mocha...and of course Chocolate Cake.." throughout the song. Cause honestly, anything with caramel AND mocha GOTS TO BE GOOD!! The beautiful skin tones of MELANIN pour all through this composition!!

The next track is an airy "Restful Soul", a testament to being lonely and finding someone to share your solitude. A soulful "Rudi Fate" blesses this track with her compassionate voice. "Pillow Soft" follows with Aspen getting his lover boy on over a hypnotic beat. It's giving "My Boo.." , real 2000's RnB fa sho!!! "Eucalyptus" is the last track on this love dedication. An out of this world feeling, pouring his charismatic flow effortlessly over this "808" style beat. He is giving major YEEZY production HERE, its hard to believe this is a debut project.

The mesmerizing cover art is breathtaking, literal "Pastel" colors complimenting Aspens smooth and deep melanin complexion. A vintage pink radio is next to him, adding to the "CLASSIC SHIT" element. His chocolate hue shines radiantly, adding to the EP's "Brown skin" devotion. Aspen Noah is an artist who not only knows his sound but he knows his passions. He isn't afraid to show emotion or express his artistry in various ways.

Pastel Dreams, press play and VIBE. ...

Go stream "Pastel Dreams" on soundcloud. Follow Aspen on IG @Aspen_noah now!!

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