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Black , Beautiful and Tarnished...

Black beauty has always been just that "BEAUTY". From the wide range of chocolate and brown caramalized colors, to the curls and kinks that cradle black faces. Black beauty is indescribable but let me attempt to enhance the obvious. From the almond eyes, full lips and joyful smile. The shapely body, the full booty, the soft thighs and the honey pot that drive men crazy. The black woman is the BLUE PRINT for sex appeal in all of its natural glory.

Although we ALL know this to be true, black woman continue to face ridicule and hate when it comes to glorifying their natural beauty. For so long and still continuously we struggle to not only "look" the part but to take any criticism and swallow it whole without the slightest hiccup. This treatment has gotten so bad even black woman in levels of superiority STILL struggle to fit America's view of "beautiful..".


Serena Willams one of the greatest athletes in the world, white black man or woman she is one of the best, faces ridicule and bullying constantly. Even when she was a child in the tennis world, she was well aware of the bullshit she would face. Last year a nasty cartoon created by the "Heralds Sun" newspaper's cartoonist Mark Knight. The cartoon showed Serena having a temper tantrum and looking very manly and grotesque.

Now let's be real, this was not only coming at Serena for being a vocal black woman but they made her out to be some sort of beast or a man in a dress. Even the Washington Post wrote the cartoon reflected" dehumanizing Jim crow caricatures". Serena has said herself numerous times in interviews how she constantly struggles with her appearance and confidence. Why Serena? You are a decorated, world wide athlete and celebrity, how could it be possible to feel so low? She's kept at it though because she has not choice, this shit doesn't and won't ever stop. She knows there are other little girls who look like her, who want to do what she does, so what does she do..? She keeps going....

This is the black woman experience.


When we had Obama in office we won alot of things, but one main thing we gained was a new role model to add to the list of black women who made history. We finally had a black woman amongst the prestigious clan that is "First Lady". A tall, dark, curvy and smart black woman a whole ICON out here, the most achieved first lady in my opinion. Michelle Obama will always be MY FIRST LADY, but her tenure in the white house was anything but magical or respectful.

In November of 2016, a racial comment seen everywhere on twitter about this beautiful Queen reminded us the hardships black woman face to be "accepted". The Clay county Development Corporation Director Pamela Taylor called her an "ape in heels". Like bitch really?! A whole ape tho? It's funny to me how people LOVE to say America isn't racist but when a white person gets upset the first low blow they have is using this monkey analogy which we all know is RACIST!!! But how could someone talk so badly about the first lady like this? Shouldn't the fact that she's a Harvard graduate count? A humanitarian for so many causes and a wonderful mother and wife mean anything? No, none of these things will matter to anyone due to the fact she is black....

This is the black woman experience....


Recently Kamela Harris has become the most recent victim of the attack on black beauty. A lightskin, pretty eyed, sharp sista she has all the makings of H.B.I.C and the masses hate her for it. I just wanna say that blue joint she owns is definitely her fuck em up fit, and her effortless speech ethic lets you know she ain't no dummy. However, anytime she gets to shine that black woman essence, here comes white superiority trying to wipe her out with accusations and slander. A video surfaced of a recent interview Kamela did on MSNBC discussing the passing of John lewis (but no they said fuck our mourning time and decided to pick with one of our own) and an accusation was made she had surgery done on her face.

A comparison of the original video that aired and the actual video that was used. Like WTF YOO! People are so sick and miserable they needed to make up a whole lie to account for the networks faults. CLEARLY the whites are pressed, because baby botox WHERE?!! This is a black woman well into her older years and looks amazing, aside from that why is this even big enough news to trend?!! A white woman, congressman who tf ever gets work done and only one comment is made on entertainment tonight. But as soon as a black woman looks different than she did 24 hours prior, the whole world takes a moment to examine her for that purpose and that purpose alone.

Kamela, I commend you for continuing your righteous path, for staying a stray from negativity and slander. Word on the streets is your going to be apart of Bidens team which may be a reason folks been on your ass, but that's okay Kamela. You are doing what ALL black women in power have done, continued to apply pressure.

The pressure for black woman to survive in America is already devastating. From dying in hospitals, to domestic situations, to being targeted for kidnapping and sex trafficking we are consistently in a "fight for survival" mode. Now to only add to the fire this battle of "beauty", this battle of "standards" created by a mass that was against us from the very beginning.

This is America...this is the black woman experience.

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