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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

"WE ARE MEDIA", is the message behind Chicago-lands newest creative media company "Black Creative Productions". BCP is brining originality, expressions, clever and innovative content to any brand business or person. It's only right a bit of "culture" is sprinkled in, always paying homage to the root of creativity which is and will always be "BLACK' culture. But don't let the name make a decision for you, BCP specializes in unlocking everyones individual creativity and taking it to new heights.

The media game is always evolving, pushing people to produce quantity over quality continuously. I mean honestly, name one piece of ICONIC MEDIA thats debuted in the last 10 years..? Till this day we are still going back to the past to revive the media our peers have created. Old movies are being remade and retold, old songs are being sampled, hell even old fashion trends have spent the block lately.

We don't take time to create OUR OWN ICONIC stories, songs or identities. BCP wants to bring that "timeless" feeling back, that everlasting, can't compare too and will always remember feeling.


The MASTERMINDS behind this platform are Robin E & Calvin West . Two friends who turned their passions into purpose.

Robin E repping lake county, is podcaster, freelance writer, journalist, black blogger , community lover, author and black representation enthusiast ; brings storyboards, branding and details to the BPC empire. A SIUC alumni, graduating with a bachelors in Broadcast Journalism, speaking about and advocating for diversity in media has always been apart of her personality. College was huge exposure but instead of joining some "news worthy" station that would push censorship and limit representation, Robin opted out. It wasn't until after college that "PillowtalkPodcast" was manifested and eventually brought to life. A platform initially "aspiring to inspire" people has matured into a safe place full of vulnerability, exposure and conversation.

With over 100K steams, a slot on iHeart Radio, interviews with verified artist all over the USA including a guest from the UNITED KINGDOM, actors on hit shows, authors and business owners, "PillowTalkPodcast" reached unbelievable heights. Also a freelance writer she brings electronic press kits, digital contracts and publications to BCP as well as branding consultations. A secretary for BLACK LIVES MATTER LAKE COUNTY, she spearheaded multiple events and created a new age "Green Book" for local black businesses. Cleary Robin E lives and breathes all variations of media.

The other half of the dynamic dream team behind BCP is Calvin West, A.K.A Mr West also known as Calvins Candids!! Hailing from Chicago's West side, Calvin has a natural talent for finding the beauty in all things. At 19 he began capturing photos on his smartphone. He found inspiration everywhere from footsteps in the fresh snow, to capturing moments with friends or just wanting to keep these moments forever.

"The only limitations you'll ever have are those that you place upon yourself..."

His mother will always be his idol and driving force, her perseverance gives Calvin the passion and focus to bring any vision to life. His catalog is extensive, growing every single week!! He specializes in candid photography but is also a master in portraits, real estate & business photography, current events, newborn, family portraits and abstract with the list increasing consistently!!. THAT MAN BE WORKING WORKING!! It's crazy to think in these past few years how fast he has grown, flicking up the dopest pics for all of the up and coming talent throughout the midwest. Calvin captures the "essence of BCP", using is own unique style to stand out and make you remember every moment.

Outside of the "Candids", he is a BOMB ASS videographer, having done work for majority of the underground artist in the Chicagoland area. He's created commercials, visuals and performance pieces of all variations, easily becoming one of the top content creators around. But the talents don't stop there, Calvin is also a musician himself, singing and writing music was actually his first love. Apart of the band "The Ultimate Alliance", Calvins deep baritone voice adds a grown man vibe to the band's sound. BERRY WHITE WHO.?!!!! He brings the "arts in motion" aspect to BCP, generating unique images that truly depict the subject in its rawest form. CALVIN was born to produce media.

These are the makings behind the amazing brand that is BLACK CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS. Robin & Calvin have already created an abundance of "timeless" media since linking up in 2020. From red carpet premieres, to invite only album release parties, imaginative photoshoots, they were even apart of the protests that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the Jacob Blake shooting. BCP is more than a media company, it is an opportunity to give black creatives the praise and glory that is not only earned but deserving. We are the inspiration, the motivation, the dedication and representation for all those who came before and for those who will come after us.


Contact BCP or follow on FaceBook & Instagram @Blackcreativeproductions


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