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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

It's 2020, we've managed to overcome a world epidemic just to ignite a revolution that NEVER left us. We have been fighting since our nasty arrival to this "land of the free". Decade after decade we fight, we struggle, we hold hands, pray, and just hope things will "change". Well in the words of millennials .."FUCK THAT" and to add to millennials "WE ARE NOT OUR ANCESTORS" which in translation means "RUN UP GET DONE UP!!!". The time for radical with rational is here and we are coming full throttle on that ass and any one else's ass that needs it. The REVOLUTION is revived.

The recent uproar in the death of yet another innocent black "SAY HIS NAME.. #GEORGEFLOYD, has sparked the type of fire we all needed. For those who are not of the black-african-israelite decent, do you understand the magnitude of this current movement? This is no longer limited to blacks, this is something that will now interfere with your little neighborhood, your kids schooling, your work environment, where you grocery shop and even where you decide to sip your mid-day mimosa. As our voices continued to be silenced, we found another to be noticed. In the words of my amazing cousin Quita..


Hostile activity is never the first go to, but I'll be dammed if they keep killing us ON CAMERA with no action or punishment whatsoever. Literally shooting us in our backs, strangling us in our cells and putting their foots on our necks. I can't breathe, I can't talk, I can't move, I can't walk, I can't run, I can't hide, I cant win even if I tried. The battle has already begun, do you understand..? We will continue to fight this fight...we will continue to persevere.

This is only the tip of the ice berg...

I've been doing my part in trying to change the system that jails us, keeps up divided. Creating an organization to uplift my community has been not only motivating to me but the shit feels RIGHT!! Like it feels like I should have been doing this shit earlier!!! My goal was not only be an example but to implement REAL change, we have to make an impact that will create a domino effect.

Share any story, sign some petitions, go vote, protest, tell your white friends to speak up, if you are the white friend "SPEAK UP", and please understand that these next few years are about to get very, very, very BLACK.

Tune into a new segment I've added to my podcast called the "Awakening" first up is #LavenaJohnson say her name...

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