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Chella H has a story of victory, overcoming challenges most people wouldn't know how to handle. Born in Chicago and raised in the city’s roughest projects, rapper/songwriter Chella H, aka MiChella Obama & Jennifer LowEnd, turned devastation of a fatherless household ,teenage pregnancy & a mother battling drug addiction for the majority of her childhood into an outlet through music.

Chella began songwriting with the vision of reaching her peers’ souls at a young age rather than to fit into just one genre. Not long after diving into her creative rescue, her brother went to prison, again leaving her without a man in the house. Chella survived, by any means, from living her life on the streets, to peddling drugs and boosting stores in her teens. While she was living on her own at 15, she found out she was pregnant with her son and was determined to steer him on a different path. Chella experienced another tragedy, losing her brother and the father of her son in the same week. It was a heartbreak she had never previously experienced but one that moved her to withstand by truly honing her skill to conceptualize, create and connect.

“The Realist Bitch In It”, leader of the “Mermaid Mafia” & newly founded entertainment label “ABOVE WATER ENTERPRISES “, Chella has continued to evolve and grow her skills and passions. She has expanded her brand in the acting arena, currently starring in more than 4 movies along with more to come. She also founded Str8dropuncut (w co host Bo Deal ) which is now the #1 Chicago based podcast & has reached millions of viewers , matching her numbers in music streams ! YESSS QUEEEN DO YO SH*T!!!! This magical mermaid is constantly reminding the world of what she has to offer. Chella expresses the importance behind her mafia, stating...

A “mermaid” is a survivor that can maneuver through anything, yet remain above water at all times…"

Chella H’s realism, sense of humor and consistency have allowed her to gain attention as an independent artist, collaborating with acts such as Zaytoven & Honorable C-Note & artist such as Lil Durk, Trina, Shawnna, Kash Doll, SouljaBoy just to name a few. Chella is the street’s favorite not only for her relatable well-timed music but because she is the glowing underdog who has eclipsed obstacles to become more than music. Now if that's not ICONIC, I don't know what is!! Chella’s current singles “Frozen” , “You Can See It” & “How I’m Coming” off of her highly anticipated upcoming project “ABOVE WATER” is filled with a variety of hard hitting sounds combined with undeniable lyrics proving ChellaH is one of the most talented authentic song writers & performers in the game.

Follow ChellaH on IG @therealchellah, & youtube @ChellaChicago and all other platforms !!

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