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DaCandyTrap is where the Baddies Shop!!!

Black beauty brands will forever reign supreme. As the main and constant blueprint for makeup trends, beauty influencers and every aspect of social media, black culture sets the narrative. Continuing to expand on the black beauty brand a new company from the midwest combines a woman's hustle & fetish for the sweeter things. DaCandyTrap is not just a purchase, it's an experience.

Located in Kenosha, WI this brand was designed with a true hustler's state of mind. The candy theme is fun and inviting paired with clever trap inspired lingo. The products range from lipgloss to lashes to keychains, necklaces and the new addition adult slushies! The stylish lashes come in sizes "trapper, whole brick, quarter quite & pretty pound", referencing the street culture in a fashionable way. The all natural, handmade lipgloss has shades of 24kt gold, blazin gum, crystal clear, smoking berry, wavy watermelon and a nude collection of 4 shades.

DaCandyTrap also caters to young teens and little girls. With specialized pouches in shades of pinks, purples and reds. Gliding on with an easy application the glosses are made to last all day long. As mentioned previously this hand made, all natural product line is safe for daily use.

One of the missions behind the brand is to make every girl or woman feel flawless in a fun and unique way.

In addition to offering multiple items, DaCandyTrap can customize products with the make it personal selection online. Anything including keychains, lighters and more!! You can add your own personal touch to some of your favorite products!!!

Da Candy Trap is based in Kenosha, Wisconsin but ships throughout the U.S. To keep up with the DaCandyTrap, follow them on all social media @DaCandyTrap .

Visit the website to place your order today!!!

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