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DJ KENZ a visionary in the making.

At only 27 Dj Kenz has already made a name for himself in the underground music world. His producing skills are far from unnoticed, consistently getting shoutout's and props from other upcoming artist. His sound is fresh yet familiar , giving you more of what you need and ALOT of what you've been missing. I had a chance to ask Kenz some shit, I wanted to pick his brain and see how an upcoming producer operates..mentally lol. Tune in as you get to know this "visionary in the making".

Coming from Gurnee IL, DJ Kenz has been producing for over 10 years, what was once a hobby turned into a slight obsession. He can play numerous instruments, and has an amazing hand for writing songs for other rappers and singers, but he himself "doesn't consider himself an artist". It's only right I asked what are some of his biggest influences and being a producer of course "Dr Dre, Timbland & Pharrell" came into play. It's only right that his favorite time period for music was the 2000's. I mean hey, there was a point in time when 47% of the music playing on the radio was produced by Pharrell, the man is a living GOAT. Just like these greats, DJ Kenz strives to "make classic records" not just good music. I admire that so much, seems like the more music that's being released these days requires less substance and purpose. When it comes to favorite albums Kenz didn't hesitate to name some HEAVY HITTERS!! From "Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life, to Sade's Love Deluxe and Micheal Jacksons Dangerous", it's easy to see this man KNOWS HIS MUSIC!! But seriously, what you know about that Sade Kenz?!! lol

Kenz describes his sound in three words,

1. Melodic


3. Ever-changing

With a love for all types of music, Kenz tries to make each project he creates different than the project before. His favorite piece of work thus far (unreleased) is his first EP Sonic Colors. A unique mix of soothing, unique, original and of course timeless music. Kenz stated that the music today is either "missing originality, work ethic or purpose". Alot of artist lose sight of what and why they are doing this, which I agree with 100%. He went further on saying "For me this is my legacy. I wanna shape how I'm remembered through music. I wanna move people".

Talk about motivation for yo ASS, because honestly if you're not loving what you're doing, why you doing it? Through his musical journey he's learned an important concept of how "everything isn't about money, it"s about leverage". Networking can get you into so many more doors than talent can and being able to make those phone calls when needed is more important than any price.

With multiple projects scheduled to drop, it doesn't look like Kenz is letting up anytime soon and why should he? He has all of the makings of an amazing producer talent wise, but for me it's his mindset. His way of thinking is the blueprint more producers and artist need to have. He see's the bigger picture, reaching out to different people, finding different types of sounds and supporting everyone. It's because of these things he's a game changer, he is a "Visionary in the Making".

Follow DK Kenz on IG @djkenzthegoat, soundcloud "DJ Kenz".

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