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"DOPE" Dick

"Sighhhh" You ever had some dick so potent, so unreal, so indescribable you had to leave that mf alone because you knew your life would never be the same? No just me?

Yea DASS WHAT I THOUGHT!!! On the sexual spectrum, us women to have a grading skill when it comes to men and their sex game. Basically, we taking it back to the grade school system A, B, C , D, F.. and well anything after a F is just a L.. we take those in silence lmao!! Now, I've had some C dick before his dick wasn't that big but not to small just couldn't stroke for SHIT and was iffy about eating pussy. Any man over the age of 18 having sex but won't eat pussy doesn't deserve sex. POINT BLANK PERIOD. I've also had some B sex which was reallllly good but AGAIN, couldn't stroke for shit and was a bad kisser.....which also meant the head needed some work. But that A dick, that A+ dick rather is a MUFUKA, like you can't even spell it out, you gotta say MUFUKA!!

And this brings us to "DOPE" Dick land, once you've had a taste you simply aren't the same woman after..

Signs of Dope Dick

1. Penis is just the perfect size for preference.

2. Can stroke the pussy like his life depends on it.

3. Eat's you out until he reaches your soul.

4. Will fuck you good and go 48 hours without contact.

Men with Dope Dick usually know they have it, they don't even wanna tell you they will just put it on you and live life normally. AHT AHT AHT, you've created a stalker sir, I'ma need you to RELAX and pick out baby names lmao!! I'm big on being very sexual and sensual, I like a man to kiss me, lick me hell smack me!! (just a little though)while he's doing his thang, so if you can maintain that sensuality while fucking my friend have some Dope Dick. Reading a woman's body isn't for the weak-hearted, a man who understands what's pleasurable to a woman is powerful lol. But a man who has good dick, knows he has good dick and wants to give it to a woman...that's just the devil right there.

Some of us get lucky.. (You bitches) that get the Dope Dick and are able to lock it down.

Please dispell your secret? lol Have not proven worthy enough or is God still putting my perfect man together? Let's go with the second one and keep it moving lol


Honestly, yes lmao. If your addicted to the sex more than the person, you'll begin to do shit you shouldn't even be doing. That Dope Dick be making you feel like you living in a fairytale, you can't eeeeeeen believe a mf walking around with this magical gift. Like Jhene say, that dick make my soul smile. It's all dandelions and sunshine until a mf starts treating you like shit. All Im saying is every woman I've known that's stayed with a man after he did "multiple" fuckboy things was quick to say "wE jUsT hAvE a BoNd nO oNe wILL uNdErStAnD" meaning, that dick is mine and I'm not coming off it....


Only twice have I been able to say I've been sexually obsessed with a man. My first love was one and..."THE GOD" as I like to call him lmao!! When I tell you this man learned my body so quick and wasn't ashamed to ask what I liked.

He also LOVED giving head, he actually enjoyed that shit. I'm talking "Lay back , or take ya panties off right quick, and the favorite I just wanna taste you real quick that's it". Half the time he would just give me head because every time we had sex it was like an hour EVERY TIME lol. He never fucked me quick, which I loved, had stamina, knew positions I didn't know, I even bust a tear from cuming a few times. Like wow I was in love, oh and his dick was big yea, that part but he knew how to stroke man, which for me is always a winner. What's the use of having a Escalade truck if you can't parallel park ?

Everything was going good until I wanted a relationship AND HE DID NOT. We had been fucking like this for months, like months to the point we ended up being with each other EVERY OTHER DAY. So in my head I'm like "okayyy your my boyyyyfrieenddd". Initially, yes we made the arrangement to be fuck buddies, then he proceeded to give me a key to his home..and then proceeded to buy bday gifts, clothes and the weekly date night.

Still not a relationship tho right?

WRONG BITCH!!! Slowly but surely I started making this decision for is ass. Snapping it up on his snapchat so his hoes know this aint the one anymore, making sure we spoke/saw each other throughout the week, CONSISTENTLY wrote on his facebook wall so people know this was a regular thing, did his laundry, got his car washed, cooked him REAL DINNER "no shade" and just kept being me which he already was feeling. He then wanted a relationship with me...only to tell me had a baby on the way....

and the other girl was already in a relationship with someone else. She was just attached to this Dope Dick too and well yea.. that's that. Honestly though, if I wouldn't of been so focused on how good he was fucking me I prolly could've peeped some signs earlier on....which would have made the decision harder but still a pass for me dawg. I've had friends tell me they've keyed cars, broke into facebooks and instagrams, did the occasional pop up "yea I'm guilty of that one" and all types of shit. Dope dick is a drug yea hear me!! The biggest downfall is the fact it does blind you, like your seriously Ray Charles to the bullshit because your dickmatized. You start to overlook the type of shit you're suppose to examine, and you sometimes allow things that you normally wouldn't go for. Stay woke ladies, don't let these good dick having men throw us off our A-game.

As of current.. I am dickLESS, but that's coo with me ..."for now" -____- . After dealing with the above scenario and a recent potential who turned out to be an introvert who really doesn't like people let alone women makes me feel like dating & finding good sex are now obsolete... "for now"...-__- lmao! I'd rather porn hub it out, then find some Dope Dick I can't have to myself. You ever heard of a leprechaun letting a mf keep his pot of gold?

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