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"Excelle McFly" Authentic as they come.

Every so often we have artist that change the game. Artist that give us exactly what we need when we didn't even know we needed it. Excelle McFly is just that, his music has a spiritual undertone that makes it unforgettable. Growing up in Chicago, Excelle's childhood was anything but easy, and he used this to help fuel his passion for creating music. I was curious to know how he came up with his name, to my surprise he stated...

"Excelle is my real name. My mother gave it to me because she wanted me to succeed. A way to manifest from birth. I added the Mcfly on after my last incarceration. Because I felt I had to go back in time and make everything right in the future. Also symbolic to me...".

Wow talk about knowing your purpose on earth. Finding his love for music since he was "8 years old", Excelle spoke on how his mother spoke inspiration into him, even as a child.

"We lived in a studio at the time with my 2 brothers. Shit was ruff. My mom had me young and was in college at the time. She couldn’t afford to buy us any Christmas gifts that year I heard her crying in the middle of the night. When I confronted her to comfort her, she gave me her tap recorder for school. Told me I was going to change the world been rapping ever since..."

With musical influences like "Kanye West, Kid Cudi, The Weekend, Prince, and Lil Wayne", Excelle is able to make "timeless" music not just good music. I'm not going to lie, he is definitely giving me Travis Scott vibes with a splash of PartyNextDoor lol. He even said himself he's gotten those comparisons, along with Kid must be the hair huh Excelle.

One of my favorite songs of Excelle's is MAXINE, a sensual hit with a crazy flow that just hypnotizes you!!! Excelle says he " enjoy the process of writing it’s therapeutic" but on this song you can't help but feel like he free-styled the whole shit!!! I mean seriously, this song was CRAZY GOOD. His inspiration behind the song was "It was Shaka Demis and Pliers “Murder She Wrote mix, ...a story about a women a fem fatal. I felt inspired by the song. I was raised by my mother. So I know how powerful a women is. I we need a lady villain story. Music is so boring sometimes I let my imagination run wild..." And you know what your RIGHT, music can be too predictable now a days, like can the music of today even be compared to the music of our past?!

2019 was an amazing year for Excelle, with 77.8K streams on Spotify!!, I was anxious to know how this milestone made him feel as an independent artist.

First of all thank you. It was a lot of hard work and it’s attributed to a good team. Me and King Art. My management and my team are the greatest...

Being an independent artist you have to build a following, get people to really listen to your shit!! Aside from building the following you have to support people let me say that again... YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT PEOPLE. I really loved Excelle's take on supporting independent and local artist...

You ain’t shit if you don’t support the people you come up with. I recognize my talent and so many others shout out. King Art producers Jack Flash Jon content.
Artist section 7 Cy, Wilder, Shellz bread, Vinas, Xzyle, Fiji, Head, Jitt, Sheka. And shout out Heavy weight boxer my little bro Nic “The Terror”
Waukegan, Chicago salute!

That's right Waukegan, Chicago salute!!! Aspiring to inspire while aspiring!!!! This is the type of encouragement and leadership we need in an artist. It's one thing to preach your shit, but do you practice it? Excelle has all of the making's of an Icon, from his intelligent thought process on life and its lessons, to his authentic and memorable music and his ever stylish star appeal. No foreal, he already looks like he's been touring around the world, and started a high-end fashion line none of us can actually afford lol. Im excited to see what 2020 and beyond has in-store for this "Visionary in the Making". It was only right I get some words of advice from "McFly" for any aspiring artist out there needed motivation. And I quote... lol

Don’t make ANY excuse you can learn anything on the internet. Your body is a temple if you burn it down you will crash and burn. Eat right exercise your only job is to entertain people do your job. Hip hop is always changing adapt with it or get left behind. Music is subjective so everything is just an opinion. Unless it’s a critic then it’s a educated opinion. So don’t give up. Don’t worry about who isn’t listening....

Make sure you guys check out "Excelle McFlyy" on Spotify, listen to Maxine 1st!! lol Follow him on IG at "excellemcfly", I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Keep pursing your purpose King!!

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