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FRIDA K reminds us SPACE is Needed!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

YESSSSS the songstress Frida K dropped a visual for the highly anticipated hit "SPACE" ft the lyrical monster Analicia Lasett !!! Frida K is always bringing the FUCK NIGGAS DO YOU SIS vibes and ya know what I AM HERE FOR IT !!!

The song detailing how sometimes you just need to get up out of a person's face sometimes, before they catch a case......and you catch these hands!!, SPACE has a smooth yet lit beat shout out to the young goat "Jonathan Mcbride". Frida's voice just floats over it with ease as always. But you can hear the seriousness she speaking between the notes with lyrics like "you can never take it personal..." "I aint your punching bag...." & my pesonal favorite "Get the FUCK out my way".

Women are masters at putting you in your place RESPECTFULLY...

The video was SUPA DUPA fly, shot by "Gonzales visuals " showing both Frida and Analica getting them some much needed space. The astro world back ground behind Frida was magical making her look like the true GODDESS she is. Analica whipping the Jeep then dropping that MF off because again this is about SPACE PLAYA!! The two of them together is true "BOSS BABE" power.

With her single Circles still in heavy rotation, this was a perfect follow up release with a dynamic feature. The looks, the song, the lyrics, the vibes its ALL THERE!!!! Do yall see the material above?! I mean damn, can I hang with yall ?!!

MS FRIDA K aint letting up no time soon, independent artist are making their own lane, and Frida K is one of the leading stars!!

Go stream "SPACE" now!!! link below!! It's the women letting these men know they can live without them for me... !!

Follow her on IG @ITSFRIDA_K now

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