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"Chella H is the streets favorite", and she never lets us forget it!! Her latest single "FROZEN" has the rap game in a choke hold. Produced by the legendary "D.Brooks" Chella H reminds us she ain't knew to this rap sh*t. FROZEN leads in with a true affirmation , A "Cold ass bitch" !! A hypnotic beat drops and Chella's voice drips over the beat. Chella's confidence is always apparent with every lyric hitting harder than the last.

FROZEN is definitely a boss bitch cut, cause who don't like to feel like a "Cold ass bitch"?!! Chella is always representing for the women who aren't afraid to take what they want & need. Im loving the boss vibes she bringing. Chella's "Popping My Shit" is another anthem on heavy rotation.

Make sure to check out the lyrical video on youtube and follow her on IG @therealchellah

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