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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Have y'all seen the body building, pop locking, room shaking "vibe setter" making every place his personal dance floor ? He goes by "Grooving Gorilla" and this last year his moves and radiant smile have taken the media world by STORM!!! "Grooving Gorilla", a.k.a Clive was actually born in Germany! Growing up he struggled with his health, weighing in at 265 pounds at the age of 16 he dealt with body image issues. It wasn't until a rejection from a girl in high school he liked that he found motivation to change the way he looked and felt. He began running and training, starting his fitness journey. He took it up another notch and began competing as a professional body builder! In 2020, he joined the "National Physique" committee continuing on to win numerous competitions. I be that girl looking at you now Clive, cause you turnt ALL THE WAY UP since high school !!!

He was crowned "Best Classic Physique" leading him to be a coach and fitness trainer to hundreds of individuals! Clive has inspired so many people to change their lives by making healthier choices and being confident in your own skin. Let's be honest, it takes some real guts to buss out a pop-locking routine at any giving moment !! A true dancer at heart, Clive has always had a passion for expression through movement. As a kid he danced at home with his brothers, trying out new moves and tricks. Clive grabs inspiration from all music genre's like rap, hip-hip, techno, and shuffle dance music. A favorite movie of his is "You Got Served", the dance battles and high energy inspires some of his moves today! I can't even front watching that movie definitely made me feel like I could buss a move or two!! A big dream of Clive's is to grace the stage of "Dancing with the Stars"!! I just know he would tear anybody up on that floor and win!!!

Clive's dancing is so contagious that he's gone viral numerous times within the last year!! After being dared to dance in the mall by his brother, his video was viewed by MILLIONS of people all over the internet!! Celebrities like "Snoop Dog, Shaq, Mario Lopez, and B.Scott have reposted and even danced along side Clive as he does his thang!! Media outlets like Complex, Bleacher Report, Hollywood Unlocked, The Neighborhood Talk, Baller Alert, BET and Onsite have reposted his videos!! He was also used for promotion by the cast of 50 cent's hit show "Power Book II" airing on the "STARZ" network!! My mans is out here WORKING OKAY!!!

With over 4 million views on TikTok and Instagram, its clear that his moves are memorizing, captivating and contagious!!! His faithful followers totaling 200,000 on Instagram and over 300,000 on TikTok, all supporting his message of joy and living your absolute best life EVER!!!

Check out his interview with Dirty Glove Bastard's "Off the Porch" interview.

Follow Clive on all social media @GroovingGorilla

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