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Hell Naw you can't Spit in my mouth!!!

I said what I said!!! And I don't wanna hear "yOu ToNgUe kIsS dOnT yOu" its not the same thing!!! Fight me because I'm not going but I will let a nigga tongue kiss me after licking this cat tho!! lol Wait I know I came on kinda skrong just now hahaha!!! Recently, did an episode on podcast Pillowtalk, and it was involving "FREAKS AND FETISHES". A very ummm, interesting yet explicit episode touching on everything that is sex, kink and some fucked up shit I kinda wanna try.

Hey, I'm a 90's baby I blame "Real Sex" and "BET UNCUT" for sparking a flame inside of me that forever burns lmao!! Y'all remember "Real Sex"? Legit was one of my favorite shows when I hit like 14 hahahah ( Lordtt I hope my mother does NOT read this post). As a grown as woman with a healthy sexual appetite like super healthy, greedy at this point smh, I've been reflecting on my sexual journey and wondering to myself.. am I in fact a FREAK?

A woman who is most likely very innocent looking and often shy, but when it comes to sex she likes to be kinky...

So you telling me, only a woman can be a freak?!! Niggas just eating ass for fun but that's not freaky??!! I just thought this definition was funny, in terms of the slang or sexual but we ALL know men are just as freaky as women. Butttt I do feel women are freakiER than men, we are just so much more sensual and in touch with our bodies. I be seducing a nigga in a big ass t-shirt and old boxer shorts the same way I would in some sexy panties or naked lmao. To me being a freak is really about being in-tune with your sexual wants, being able to understand the anatomy of the opposite sex and being willing to try anything. HMMMM.. does being a freak really require you to be 100% open to anything? I really don't think it's necessary but it's definitely a bonus. SOOOOO what's the freakiest shit I've ever done.. ? Have a seat why don't you..

Yea no.. I won't give the nigga the satisfaction to know I wrote about him in case this mf go up one day!! I'm laughing but very very serious, if I told yall the story he would know it was about us and I just... WONT lmao! Just know it involved a church... (lord I was young and them hormones are uncontrollable at a certain age..). Aside from being freaky, you have "Fetishes" which everyone pretty much has.

is an extremely strong devotion to something. There are sexualfetishesand nonsexualfetishes: both are obsessive interests.

Wow, I did meet a guy who liked for me to scratch his back, like literally make his shit bleed. I naturally have long, hard nails and he just liked the sensation. Once a whole piece of skin got stuck under my middle nail and I was like "YOOOO IM OUTTTTT!!!!!!"

But I've heard of some crazy ass shit, and then there's some shit I'm kind of like "oh.. I could try that". Like "Erotic Asphyxiation" which involves chocking someone until they nearly pass out, while fucking, sucking, licking until they cum. For some reason that intrigues me, like I feel like I would get off on that whole set up lol. Craziest Fetishes I've heard off thus far...

1. Electroshock - sending shock waves of electricity on nipples, balls, pussies etc. *Yea..No.*

2.Men getting their asses ate. *Yes you read that correctly..*

3. Slapping faces, stepping on heads- *Again you read that correctly.."

4.Erotic Asphyxiation- *'ll let y'all know how it goes.. lmao*

5.Fisting ..* 0 0...*


First of all ya'll wild then a MF, but the whole fisting is just sick. I don't even see how that is pleasurable, you slap or step on my face we BOTH will be in jail or dead, and you won't be burning my pussy to a crisp shocking me!! If you gotta do certain shit to get a nut then you my friend have a problem.

Hopefully during this cornteen, ya'll been getting some good sexual interactions. Me on the other hand, I'm "dry city" vicariously living through memory and....... twitter. Twitter is really the new pornhub sad but very true.

Stay sane yall <3...

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