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Is there such a thing as 2 Mr.Rights?

The dating game is tough my boyyy let me tell ya!! From not knowing a person's true intentions, to playing the text back game, to hoping the sex is amazing when its trash its LEVELS to this shit!!. Now is not the time to put all ya eggs in one basket, outside is about to open up again and this means "TIME TO SLIDE AND GLIDE" this summer!! Aside from the freedom that is singledom, I've found myself wondering about this complexity surrounding what exactly is my "Mr Right".

Who am I to honestly know the answer to this complex question. Growing up, its always been the bad boy for me, until I met a cool lame who changed my perspective on what it really meant to be there for someone. To me, the "Mr Right" complex changes with time, it changes as you grow and evolve as a woman and a person. What was once the "thing" that drove you crazy, has become the very same thing you now turn your nose at. Wheeeww can we take a shot to GROWTH!!!

So we've fast-forwarded to the moment when you meet a guy and yall click and its lit AF but there's just something about the situation that won't let you fully commit. He's amazing, kind, loving , sweet and just a bit to ladies and gents is our "Good Guy". You slow down on this man, to keep options open he's just not EVERYTHING you'd expect for some reason. Now you've come across another man, who again has all the qualities you need and then some, he nails you to the cross better than those who nailed Jesus, but there's a secret or a trait about him you DON'T like. You know its something you either can't get over or just don't agree with...YET your pussy and heart keeps him in the front view. Time goes on tho..and eventually you just move on, leaving the possibility for re-kindling if the opportunity presents itself again....This the "What If Guy", the if life would go as I dreamt it, we would be butt naked fucking on the beach guy.

Sooo I ask you my fellow leaders of the new world, what is the difference between the "Good Guy and the What if guy..?". Now if yall didnt know I ADORE the show "Insecure", Issa Rae is my current Idol in the black media game right now. And she address a variety of social topics within her show, one topic that stood out to me what this concept of the "What if Guy..". This referring to the nigga she cheated on her boyfriend with..the "Good Guy". The initial idea is the "What if Guy" is the bad boy you know isn't good for you...but what if he is? The biggest mistake I feel Issa made in the show was not fully exploring the relationship she could've had with her "What if Guy". In this case he's just as loving, sweet, loyal and driven as the "Good Guy". Literally nothing bad about him except this obsession with timing.

Is timing really EVERYTHING? Does it enable and limit situations and emotions all in the same breath? A " Good Guy" could also be a bad buy who's changed or matured. A "What if Guy" could be the man of your dreams. So I ask again, what's the difference..? It really is a thing of timing!! You have to be in the right position all the way around in order for Mr. Right to appear. Yall thought I was gonna say something stupid huh...

The idea surrounding "Mr Right" is a matter of the time being right. The "Good Guy" usually catches you during a time of discovery and self reflection. You find out the type of characteristic's you want in a man, which isn't in this one. The "What If Guy" is usually the one with bad timing, he's got too much on his plate and you just don't fit honey. Which is why he will always be the "What If" IF the chance comes around again. All in all, as we grow we evolve, we find out new things about ourselves and what it is we want in a partner. But don't let timing be a big factor as to why a certain situation didn't work out. Play that shit out and see how it goes, we young, we can bounce back if needed lol.

As for me, I'm sliding and gliding out here lmao!! Constantly reminding myself that if it's meant to be...timing won't be a factor.

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