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Lips Gloss is Popping, Jays Cosmetics BABBYYY!!!


Lets get one thing STRAIGHT, women are out here “RUNNING THE ENTIRE PLANET” !! Mommies, teenagers, children and all generations of women are creating a lane for themselves, with amazing businesses and products. Ms Jakya of “Jay’s Cosmetics LLC" is one of those powerful women , bringing us her line of sultry eyelash extensions and homemade lip glosses!! Creating her unique line of glosses from scratch, she is giving us VARIETY BABYYY, with a touch of “you look good already, let me further ENHANCE you love”. I personally love the different shades like "Peach", "Tropical Punch" and the new edition “ICE”; a clear unscented gloss !!! Sometimes you don’t want all the razzle dazzle with the fragrances , you just want to make them lips “POP” a bit, that “ICE” will give you just the gloss you are looking for. Her lashes have a personality of their very own, giving us “DEE” a medium lash with subtle bits of volume...

To the “SHAY” a sister of “DEE” but with a TON of volume, because you know sometimes you might want to be “SHAY”, sometimes you might feel like a “DEE” type of day . She’s also known to drop a few home made body butters for them knees and elbows. Yess MEN I AM SPEAKING TO YOU!! There is nothing wrong with applying some body butter to them elbows!! Us women like a smooth , moisturized man.

Jays Cosmetics is giving what is SUPPOSE to gave, this beautiful BLACK WOMAN has taken a passion and turned it into a purpose. From lip gloss, to lashes Jay’s Cosmetics is sure to give you quality and quantity.

Jays Cosmetics is based in Racine, WI, and does do local drop-offs and ships to wherever your beautiful face may reside!! Support local and black businesses !!!

Follow them on IG @Jayscosmeticsllc_ & , Facebook Jays Cosmetics to place an order today, tomorrow and NEXT WEEK !!

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