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Me..? Propose? You must be out your Rabbitt Ass MIND!!

Yall mean to tell me that women getting down on their knees to propose to somebody's dusty ass son is a thing?! SINCE WHEN!!!!! Where have I been and who the hell approved this outrageous act of submission!! Okay wheeeww let me breathe real quick, I got deep in thought because I'm not scrapping my knees unless...

But seriously, this is a thing right now and women all across the damn AMERICA'S are feeling the need to propose to men. Like yall went out and bought the band and EVERYTHING!! I don't even know how to shop for mens ring sizes, like how do you causally ask, "Baby what size ring you wear?!". Any smart man would immediately get TF out of there the minute he heard that shit haha. But what's crazier is the fact some men are saying "NO".

So not only are yall, going out your to propose to this mf, just for him to turn around and say NO!! Now out of all of the things we preach when it comes to gender roles, this I would think would be one action to stand the test of time. Men have been and should always be the ones to pop the question. As the saying goes, women love quicker but men do love harder, how can you be so sure that your man is ready to be "THE ONE"?

Things to consider before selling your dignity to Satin.

1. How well enough do you know this man? Have yall actually went through the "Fire" together?

2. Has he even mentioned marriage or the possibility of long term commitment or goals to you?

3. Are you receiving the same energy you're putting out? Let me say that again.

Are you receiving the same energy you're putting out?!!!

Now ladies you know we have a bad habit of playing house without the union. Don't let a nigga dickmatize you into believing he's doing so much when he's doing EXACTLY what's required. What does this role reversal say about the dynamic of marriage in today's world?What was once valued and viewed as sacred, now has becoming meaningless and miniscule. Should women then leave the wedding planning up to the men? Should the men just take on the bridal role whole heartedly? I would kill to see a man try to pick out a wedding cake, venue and seating arrangements lmao!!

Will this one play lead to a new structure of the idea of marriage? Honestly, no... the only reason I feel this way is you can not...and ima say it CAN NOT make a man do something he does not want to do!! By pushing a proposal all your doing is running the man away. If a man really gives a fuck about you, sweetie the effort will ALWAYS speak for itself!

Would I join the boo boo the fool club?

HELL NO!!! I can't picture myself loving a man so much that I just had to propose to this nigga right away! If anything I would bring up the idea of us and marriage and see where it goes from there. Unfortunately, for me I never had the "almost engaged" situation -___-. The one nigga that wanted to marry me was the most toxic MF on the planet!! Even though I knew he really loved me, why would I risk my sanity and dignity like that?




Now, in a perfect world there has been a handful of success with this. Despise my beliefs some women have managed to keep the rose they plucked lol. And KUDOS to you sus!! You taking one for the entire team, because again I will not be popping the question to my man or any man for that matter.


Like I mentioned before you can't make a man do nothing he doesn't want to do, but you can persuade TF outta his decision lbs. People and by people I mean "Women" tend to forget sometimes in order to have the perfect mate, you must be one. Don't focus to much on what to expect versus what you really have to offer. **PSA pussy aint enough no more ladies****. Be the ideal mate you wish to attract and BABYE, that ring will follow.

"If a man doesn't want to marry you, he won't...never be afraid to leave a man on the terms of your happiness.... "

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