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PICASSO De Conscience is paving his OWN LANE.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Picasso De Conscience is truly unforgettable, a natural show stopper bringing abstract and imaginative visions of life through his music!! Hailing from Maywood, IL Picasso uses his artistry and creative songwriting to generate his original and alluring hip-hop sound.

With a name like Picasso, the delivery GOTS TO BE ICONIC. His flow is smooth yet profound, giving catch hooks over hypnotic beats. Picasso's music catches the ears and eyes of anyone listening. His rhymes are captivating, using his storytelling abilities, he paints playful, versatile and memorable music. Not to mention his VISUALS, he goes all OUT EACH AND EVERYTIME, and ya know what I AM HERE FOR IT !!!

From being in an aquarium, rapping by the sharks to going crazy at the donut shops, to dressing up like batman while a big booty beauty twerking, you can't help but rock with PICASSO!! His collab with the streets favorite Chicago artist "Chella H", already got folks in a FRENZY, showing everyone he isn't letting up any time soon. Picasso is a true testament to creativity he feels "originality is the key to breaking down any door." Instead of fitting into any specific lane he paved a lane all of his very own.

Follow "Picasso De Conscience":

IG @picassodeconscience

Check out his latest video "Match" now!!!

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