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PillowTalk Podcast the show "Aspiring to Inspire"

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

What is "Pillow Talk?" Of course you initially think of being laid up with your ex boo's homie telling him some shit he is NOT suppose to know. Or maybe a lame nigga down talking his homie to woman just to get some BUT. Yea I mean those are also examples of "Pillow Talk" lol. But this is so much more than what is said amongst soiled sheets. Its a conversation that can expand into a million other conversations. Its a platform of information that you would otherwise not give a shit about. Its also a voice, for those who want to be heard. For those who want to express themselves with no judgement or fear of ridicule. For anyone who just wants to express their opinion on a topic relatable to everyone. My goal was just to get some shit off my chest, which then turned into speaking about numerous topics I was passionate about, which evolved into a show, a real living, breathing, impactful show!!! I guarantee you will find an episode that speaks to you, that makes you think, that inspires you.... Take a listen link is on home page!!

New episodes dropping weekly!! Check out the home page to see ALL of my episodes.

Did you "Subscribe"..? Yes you did? You OVERLY LIT!!! Im tryna tell you this was the right decision.

Aside from the podcast there is of course my youtube lol Its only right that I do a shameless plug here

All of my newest interviews are up and a few videos of just me by myself.. YOUR WELCOME :)

Check out my latest interview now, not later, not tomorrow, right now.

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