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Robin E's Top 10 Artist from LC!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The time has come for me to TALK MY SHIT about the artistry around Lake County. Music has always been an escape, a way to get out the anger, negativity and shitty lives we all seem to endure around these parts. If we don't play sports (Basketball , Football & Track) or have an amazing IQ, or just a bit of money , we have to turn to our creative & (LEGAL) attributes. Creating music is just that, even if we don't make it we damn sure gonna let the rest of the world know we capable of creating something authentic.

Being authentic is like having a super power these days ..

Majority of artist are truly bitting shit they hear or see. No one takes time to really learn their own sound or try to create it. I FOR ONE miss the days when artist all sounded DIFFERENT, we really one band one sound outchea lol. Which is why it's so important to give them flowers when they DUE!! Lets get into this list, yall might wanna fight me afterwards but im always strapped !!

A true artist embodies these....

  1. Truly Authentic

  2. Consistent AF

  3. Transparency, Transparency, TRANSPARENCY

  4. Confidence MF

  5. Passion, do you love this shit?!

#10 Jody V

Mr JodyV has a lethal and smooth flow thats impossible to forget and even harder to replicate. A true "hoodrich" hero, with songs like "Finally Famous" reminding us the struggle won't last forever. He's been killing the live performances and making a name all on his own. Maybe its the voice, the non-chalant attitude, the slight pimp talk or the dark as hair lol but Jody V got IT!!!! I see you working !!

#9 Bread Doe

The thug Trey Songz as I like to call him, Bread Doe gives me the ooooaaaahhh's with a hint of "ill shoot this mf up" and ya know what.. IM HERE FOR IT!! A true heavyweight in the music game, bread's been doing his shit since 106 & Park days, but it's his last few bangers that keep his music on REPEAT. Singles like "Come Thru" & "Pick UP" establish the "lover boy" antics so perfectly, he dropped his "Good Vibes" joint earlier this year and its truly the originality for me.. who sounds like this tho?! NO ONE!!

#8 Ja'Vell Fierce

All on that eastttt sideeeeee!!! Wheeww talk about some catchy shit!!! Ja"vell comes on the scene with a sexy and strong aura, like did yall see the "Over East " video? He had dude on straight BITCH mode!! lol. The flawless beats, and his effortless flow just makes each song "MY SHIT". But its also the vibes and scale of production for me. Everything he been doing so far has been BIG, no small shit. The videos are TOP NOTCH, setting the bar ALL the way up. Im tryna pull up to the East side shitttt.

#7 Blake Novia

H.B.I.C vibes all through the building when Blake Novia is present!!! Embodying the confidence, sexyness and skill too many FAIL to reach. Now Blake has been doing her thang for a minute now and took a quick hiatus but came back SKRONG with "Kate Barlow"!!!! Giving real "fuck niggas" get money , with a hint of Im fly as shit and you know it!! That confidence babbbyyy with the voice and style to match. WE NEED MORE BLAKE!!! Love you!!

#6 Excelle McFly

A ROCKSTARRRR in every aspect, from the hair (which constantly changes) lol, to the range of variety in music, to his IDGAF style which is actually fire af, to his love of creating dope shit Mr Fly is ICONIC already. His song selection is GIGANTIC with songs dedicated to life, pain, love and all the lessons in between. A true lyricist , he paints a picture in every lyric, putting you in ya FEELS or ready to break some shit. His stage performance is LIT, making sure to give the people MORE THAN enough and the some. Just dropped some heat "Fortnight" stream it, you wont be disappointed.

#5 Lul Rae

The NEXT GENERATION is here!! Lul Rae may be young but already he's proven he is wise beyond his years. Using his life experiences, to fuel his hypnotic flow. The drill influence is here but Lul Rae takes it to another level bringing catchy hooks reminding MFS age is ONLY A #!!! .One of his hits "Back on Business" a true reminder that he's becoming a legend in his city!

#4 Pierce Elliot

The "Golden Boy" Pierce Elliot graces every track with a piece of himself. Making this shit look OVERLY easy, you can tell just by his catalog his growth is continuous. During the pandemic his following grew with 37K streams on Spotify and counting!! His visuals captivating always showing love to those he came up with like in "Take.a trip". His project with Frederick Boom "Cleaner Ingredients" gives us party and vibe , while reminding us that music is forever changing, evolving. Pierce is a true influencer, this is only the beginning.

#3 Allen Wilder

ALL HAIL ALL HAIL The Champ is here!!! Allen MF Wilder, performer, producer, musician and true artist. Another veteran around this parts, Allen's went through some changes finding his true sound (as all greats do) and BABYY he done went and created his OWN SOUND, (TRANSPARENCY) YES!!. It's like Einstein decided one day he could make music, Allens lyrics are complex but appropriate AF. Giving us the hard, the soft and the REAL. His sound is truly outter worldly, with a live performance set that is only one word "UNPREDICTABLE". Any time he graces the stage, the crowd holds their MF breath, yea he's like that! Go stream "Maintain" on apple and tell me you dont feel the magic? This mf is magical!!

#2 Shaquita Monique

"DNA so different , Im Gifted" !!!! A woman with purpose, style, confidence , positivity , free expression and a crazy ass flow. What's NOT TO LOVE about Ms Monique, giving us a splash of Lauren and Erykah while introducing us to the her AUTHENTIC self. Using her soft and soothing voice to speak VOLUMES through her music, painting a picture of self worth and abundance !! AINT NOBODY DOING THIS RIGHT NOW!! Her EP "FRUIT AND LIBATION" is a beautiful, transparent , TRULY AUTHENTIC, passionate piece of art full of the confidence she wears so proudly. Go stream it now !!!

#1 Rxch Chris

I aint gone cap, THE BOY IS GOOD!! Giving me all of the nostalgia vibes and embodying an independent artist who KNOWS WHO TF HE IS!!!! Reminding me a bit of Wiz Khalifa in his golden days, Rxch Chris has laid back flow with PUNCH LINES you cant help but remember. "The Thrill" is what initially caught my eye, the beat the flow the message, the vibe?

He also has a legit crew of creators and GANG that help bring his visions to life. "VHS Records" one of the HOTTEST Music Collective Groups out here!! Using inspirations from the 90's and "vhs" era, reminding us sometimes LESS IS MORE. His style doe (inserts fire flames) is DRIP DRIP, mixing old and new and making that shit BRAND NEW lol, im here for it !! Artist should never be afraid to be themselves unapologetically. Rxch Chris got that shit and he know's it, creating his sound, videos and lane effortlessly.

Well that is all folks, this list was HARD as shit to do, but someone had to do it!!

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Sending love and light, Peace OUT

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