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Robin E's TOP 10 upcoming Female Artist (Midwest ED)!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

"All my ladies who independent...throw ya hands up at meeeeeeee"!!! OOOO ladies first, ladies firsstttttttt. ALL OF THAT "WOMAN POWER" is flowing all up and through here!! It is my pleasure to bring you some of the dopest , authentic, sexy, talented and brave women I've ever had the decency to know or hear. The time has always been here but it's more profound now than EVER, WOMEN TRULY RUN THE WORLD.

From Rap, to RNb, to business moves, the ladies have been doing what's NEEDED to keep shit popping. We thank you because without yall, HELL there wouldnt be any content, any colors, no true INSPIRATION!!! Yea I said it!! Women make them dicks click, them pockets dip and them smiles flick!!! This line up is giving you all you needed and some shit you never knew you were missing...without further a due...I present to you... the HOTTEST UPCOMING FEMALE ARTIST in the midwest.

They say if you want the best... you've got to go to the MIDWEST..

All over the nation women are setting bars and continuing to break barriers. As the source of life its only right that we are the top source of CREATION & CREATIVITY!!! These women bringing all of the originality and essence that is a FEMALE ARTIST.

#10 True West

This Milwaukee beauty is truly a UNICORN. Her sound, delivery and vibe is just outter worldy!! Her single "patience" ft Briana cross dropped last year along with a dope visual, and I aint NEVER SEEN a woman look as good in purple hair as HER!! Her latest visual "TEQUILA" is out now!! It's the spicy mami vibes for me!! Sultry yet sophisticated, Ms Tru has the delivery and swagg of a young Erykah , knowing her skills and giving us the confident flex with every spit. Her "Trumix's" show off her individuality, remixing popular songs with her own spin. IT WAS THE HIT DIFFERENT TRUMIX for me doe!! Although the anticipation is killing me, new music is on the wayyy and Im CERTAIN, we all gone feel it. Stream her shit on soundcloud now!! That NO IDEA Tru Mix is SLAPPING!!

#9 Shaquita Monique

What about your SOUL SIS?!!! Shaquita Monique is a GODDESSS that we just don't deserve!!! The waukegan native, gives us soul healing over impeccable rhymes and deep messages. Like WHO REALLY OUT HERE DOING THIS?!!! Conscious rapper doesn't even do her justice as she is a soul preacher, a spiritual teacher, a verbal healer. Her "Affirmations" freestyle feels like CHURCH without the holy house. Her words hold so much power and inspiration, uplifting your mood and vibe with every bar. Lauren Hill would be taking notes, NO CAP!!! Her EP "Fruit & Libation" dropped this summer, with tracks like "Masquerade" , "DNA" & "Soul 4 Sale", telling the story of a woman sure of herself and of her purpose.

Stream Fruit & Libation its good for the soul !!

#8 Frida K

Ms FRIDAAAA K!!! The DIVA has arrived, aint she aint letting up!! An Antioch native Frida gives us soulful vibes with woman empowerment notes. Cause we can't let nobody's hard headed son play us!! Her single "Bye Bye Bye" dropped last year filled with "Boy be gone" vibes!! The visual has her rocking a cute pink fur jacket, the high ponytail and beautiful women ERRRYWHERE!! Her latest video "SPACE" ft Analicia Lasett" is the SUMMER ANTHEM!!! Because foreal sometimes a woman just needs her MF SPACE!!! Her voice is so strong with ranges and rifts that makes ya knees weak!! She's been performing everywhere this year, all throughout the midwest, and let me tell ya she don't NEED NO BACKGROUND MUSIC!! Pure Raw talent here!! An artist on the upcoming M&I sounds record label which is a POWERHOUSE in the midwest region!! Her new single "Space" ft Analicia Lasett is out now, and once again she reminding us "DONT LET THESE MEN PLAY WITH YOU"!! Go stream it on Youtube now @Frida_K!!

#7 Maxxine

MAXXINEEE, she know's how to set the ENTIRE MOOD. The sultry, sensual and authentic artist is paving a lane for her self..effortlessly. Giving that neo-soul with a pinch of bad bih followed by timeless. This that music you can smoke too, take a shower too, cruise down the block too and sit up with ya boo vibing too, ALL PURPOSE MUSIC!! It's like fresh air, clean laundry or a fresh rolled wood, her music just automatically puts a smile on ya face and a joy in ya heart NO CAP. With tracks like "It was her" and "temptation" she shows off her lyrical mastery. Writing her own lyrics and making her own beats, the WOMAN IS A GENUIS. She's also been going BRAZY with her performances, making sure the lighting is right and the auidience is giving their FULL ATTENTION. An hey when ya singing about being a freak it's kinda hard to not become hypnotized lol. Like if I wanted a girlfriend, she'd be MAXXXXX, the pimp talk to cold for me :) We still waiting on that EP MAXXX, but until then run her shit up everywhere on all streaming platforms!!

#6 Charmaine Makeda

If an angel had a voice DAMMITT it sound and look like this QUEEN!!! Ms Makeda has been taking all of the air up in any room she's in and ya know what we don't need to breathe anyway lol!! Charmaine is soulful yet sultry, sensual and expressive, giving you pieces of her self and her life so beautiful through song. Her 2019 jam "See you Again" is a lovers anthem with a modern twist. She flows so effortlessly over this smooth ass beat reminding you to live for the moment and that "if I hit you up.. you better reply...."PERIODTT!!! She followed up with the captivating "Nobody Else" earlier in 2020 really showcasing her range and growth as a true vocalist. BABY GIRL CAN SANGGGGGG they can't teach that in school OKAY!! Her self titled EP "Charmaine Makeda" released in 2020 also with a stunning cover of the Goddess in her element. The 7 track banger is hypnotic , with songs like "lonely" Charmaine isn't a woman afraid to tell you "HAND OVER THE D*CK.... same sus, same and "Note 2 Myself" this is some shit you are gonna play back a few 100 times. Charmaine has been performing her ass off and doing virtual concerts streaming everywhere!! SHE BUSY BOOKED AND PAID. I can't wait to see what she has planned next, yall better stop PLAYING with her!!

#5 Analicia Lasett

The CHAMP IS HERE, THE CHAMP IS HERE Analica Lasett has always reigned SUPREME!! A true OG in this rap shit, Analicia has been putting music and content since before baby hairs came back in style!! We going back to the 2015 era, the rising star was doing performance pieces and freestyles wayyy back when, letting folks know she aint SHIT to be played with. Everyone knows anytime she's on the mic true magic is about to appear. Her range as an artist and creator is limitless, she can give you soft and groovy or rough and real all in the same breath. She graces any stage with her undeniable talent and essence, lyrically bringing n*ggas to their KNEESS!! Her banger "Refresher" is straight party vibes, then giving us "Regardless" effortlessly killing the track with splashes of singing in between her insane word play. SHE LIKE THE FEMALE TWISTA or some lol. Her latest serenade "Right on Time" is perfectly named as its always the right time to play some ANALICIA!! Truly one of a kind, her name already rings bells, YOU BEEN UP NEXT!!!

#4 Carla G

A BOSS ASS GIRL IN THIS MUSIC WORLD!!!! Carla G!! She always popping her shit and has every reason too!!! True Chicagoan till the death, she always makes it known where she's from and what she's about!! The FACE, THE BODY, THE SKILL its all there!!! Since 2019 she's been breaking necks, cashing checks and making these n*ggas PAY ATTENTION!!! Her smash "OOOO" is a true THANK YOU to the men who know how to please a grown ass woman,"Do me" a true ass shaking anthem to her latest EP "STOP WASTING P*SSY"!!! This 12 track bible is reminding us we got the P*ssy, so we got the POWER, ( I said what I said)!!! Traveling everywhere tearing clubs down in ATL and all over Chicago and Indiana !!! A woman who isn't afraid to say what the F*CK she want to say HOW she wants to say it is ICONIC!! Her bold lyrics, captivating looks and overall glow is untouchable, unstoppable and UNCOMPARABLE !!! Carla G in this MF!!

# 3 Sonta

That CHOCOLATE melt in ya mouth and ya hand!!! Chicago's very own S O N T A !!! This milk chocolit skinned songstress has been speaking that real shit since 2015 with her classic "You Aint SHIT", girl I know these men don't be shit sometimes SMH. Her 2018 debut project "In My Feelings" reached #1 success, with bangers like "Crazy over you" and the "You aint Shit" remix featuring G Herbo. Sonta has made quite the name for herself nearly 100K in followers on IG and over 40,000 on Facebook!! She's been featured on numerous tracks with some of the HOTTEST out like Ann Marie, and Queen Key to name a few!! Her sound is mixture of smooth soul with aggressive hip-hop, she calls it "Rhythm and Drill, R&D. A true poet with her imagery, Sonta always paints the picture just right every. single. time!!! She can come hard and furious or slow and steady showing us there's no limit on where Sonta can take you!! Her recent EP "Chocolit" is already getting repeat spins ya hear me!!! A 16 track EP that is sexy, sensual and truly in SONTA fashion. Naw seriously this album turns me on, NO CAP. If you haven't tuned into SONTA , what the fuck are you waiting for?!!!

#2 Queen Key

Queen KEY , BOW DOWN MFS THE QUEEN IS HERE !!!! I still remember first banger released in 2015 "Baked as a Pie" !!!! Had all the men in the background in the video and all her homegirls in front getting "baked" FYM!!! Even back then you could tell Key knew exactly who she was and what she wanted to sound like. A true female MC spitting women empowerment each and every time. Her wordplay is humorous and colorful , never afraid to say WHATS REAL!! A FREESTYLE VETERAN her first 2 mixtapes "Your Highness and Beauty and the Beast" launched her into stardom followed up with her "Eat My P*ssy" and the "Eat My P*ssy Again" mixtapes this woman just DON"T MISS!!! True Chicago Royalty, the city shows Key LOVE NONESTOP any show she's at, anywhere she goes the people make it known how inspiring she truly is!! Not to mention boss lady had triplets !!! TRIPLETS!!! And still is one of the hottest to come out of her city!!! Go stream her EP "Your Highness 3", its the growth and authenticity always for me QUEEN KEY!!!

#1 Brittney Carter

TALENT, SKILL, PERSEVERANCE, VULNERABILITY...HOPE.. That is the sound of Brittney Carter. Hailing from Chicago's Southside Brittney gives us OUR Modern Day Lauren, with sprinkles of Jcole and Kendrick. Reinventing the "conscious rapper" persona, Brittney's delivery is so soothing it's like therapy. The messages engulfed in songs like "Back then", "Supplicate", "Cold As Us" and the anthem "Prove em Wrong" show how lyrically BLESSED the young GOAT is. Brittney effortlessly spits over beats making them HERS AND ONLY HERS, painting motion pictures so vivid you can't help but FEEL THAT SHIT!! A "Black Farmer" she embodies the notion of harvesting and planting seeds of fruition, referring to her music, her life and the lessons she's endured. Her poetic approach and intellect is so captivating, she is the Professor schooling everybody. Throughout time we are blessed with a prophet like persona in music, someone who can lead and influence and inspire consistently & genuinely. The EP "As I am" is another reminder that there is only 1 Brittney Carter and she is in fact the P R O P H E T .

This is Robin E's top 10 list for female artist of the Midwest!!!! Ladies you are more than just an artist. You are influencers, hit makers, trendsetters, motivators, street preachers, teachers, role models and leaders

OOOOOO ladies first....Ladies First...!!!

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