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Sex and the Suburb

Lord here I am 27, single and finding myself dating people I would have NEVER noticed a few years back lol This is what can happen in a small ass place with the options being slim to none. As you get older people do change, sometimes for the better either becoming more successful or attractive. Annnd then after fucking around for a while you start to see why you should have left they ass right where they WAS AT!!

Any who, I won't waste yall time reminiscing on the "Fuck ups" ...I mean men I've entertained as of lately. But the fact that I live in a small ass , jealous suburb only makes going fishing even more IMPOSSIBLE. Yes dating is like going fishing, I'm not hear to argue.Hmmm how can I explain... its like you get the best "bait" prepared, you set out your line and wait right? Yea you see a few fish swim by, a few nibbles here and there but if it ain't the trophy fish we keep it moving right? Aaaahhh plot twist, you get the trophy fish to find out its not a trophy at all.. but a little sardine with strong ass bite lmao!! Dating in a suburb SUCKS ASS, you never really have the chance to try something new, ya know?


Any? lmao Well 1 would be accessibility for sure. When you're bored, lonely, horny whatever that person is literally no further than 20 mins if that from you. So yea there's that lol A possible second pro would be comfortability. You kind of already know this person or someone in their family, so it makes it easier to get to know them. Yall can go out locally and fuck around and see both of your families kicking it.


Oh where to start lol 1.You could be dating an undercover hoe. Living in a small town, word travels QUICK and people ain't afraid to do shit in the dark. Only bad thing is everyone talks, and now they bringing up some shit you did in 09 lmao!! Could you really love someone who has a "Spicy" past lol Yea we will just say "spicy". 2. Everyone is in your business. You can try to be private all you want, but people will ruin what they have access to. Living in a suburb people feel they need to be involved in EVERYONES life. When you live in bigger city its easier to get away from people. 3. You're forced to see this person after y'all call it quits. I don't know about y'all but when I'm done with a mf, I'm DONE and the last thing I wanna do is see them out somewhere or online ALOT. When you're in a big city you can almost literally never run into that person again.


Honestly, yes but I feel like this has to be that "high-school sweetheart" shit. Yea sometimes those don't last, but they usually get a few years out of it before calling quits. I only had one serious relationship which was in college with someone who was from Chicago, NOT the suburbs lol. And I'm not saying city men are by far any better, "fuck boys" live and breathe everywhere. It's about the probability of finding someone new, your chances are just better in bigger areas. You can go to more places with different people, you have the ability to ignore a MF knowing you won't see them again. You can try fucking with someone who is completely different then your type or maybe a some one your a little embarrassed to be seen with, without any ridicule because guess what.... NO ONE WILL FIND OUT!!! You even have a better time going out ALONE in the city, just knowing you won't run into anyone you really don't want to run into.


So I was dating this older guy from the Navy right, and yea we hit it off immediately. He's like a young old due, I think he was 37 but a young 37 lol. We met at a local bar "where I live" and thus it began. At first I was into him a 100% but then Idk I just got bored with him, just wasn't for me. So I'm thinking okay, he's in the Navy he is prolly use to women using and abusing him this shouldn't be hard at all. ANDD he's prolly always going out to different spots and what not I won't see him again foreal right? WRONG BITCH WRONG WRONG WRONG. I break it off with him, "it wasn't nice" and that was that, whole time I go to the same "local bar" literally a month later..this MF shows up. Like wow, I avoided the bar for a month in the hopes he would find another....NOPE he waited for me lol Or just been going to that local bar ever since. Of course we did the awkward "I dont see you" dance until I did the most disrespectful fake walk past goodbye ever!! Boy he was pissed lol I got about 9 calls and 10 texts that night. But I wasn't about to let him blow my vibe, but see I couldn't even go fishing at this pond, my old fish still here lol Point is, this wouldn't of happened to me living in the city, I've met men in Chicago had a great few nights and never saw them again. Maybe a facebook requests a few months later but that's it. Soooo now I only go to that bar before 9PM.


Of course now with all of the "Rona" shit going on, my dating life is non-existent at this point. But this just gives me time to reflect as to why I was miserable and single before this epidemic lol My husband or "meantime" boo must be in a major city cause BABBYYY this ain't it!! I don't want to pick over men anymore and that's exactly how it feels dating where I live, I don't wanna hope someone is different I actually need them to be. I need more options... but seriously what I gotta do "BUILD A BROTHA?"

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