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Simpson Elite Runs : Where Preparation meets Opportunity

The old saying it takes a village to raise a child, holds even more weight in today's world. Not only do the youth struggle with acceptance, they deal with lack of support when pursuing a dream. In a time when community outlets are scarce, we see a program offering a foundation the youth can build from for a lifetime.

Created by local legends, Simpson Elite Training is driven by motivation, inspiration and mentorship. Aaron Simpson, Micheal Simpson, Quan Conner and Keith Ford are the coaches at the forefront, showing an incredible eye for detail. The program targets high-school basketball players willing to further develop their talent. Specializing in player development as well as strength and conditioning, Simpson Elite Training helps student athletes prepare for the next level.

As a new program, Simpson Elite Training has already caught the attention of college basketball coaches across the nation. Using the importance of highlight tapes, Simpson Elite Training invites players to be apart of runs. During these runs, athletes practice different techniques, drills and scrimmages. In addition to training, Simpson Elite helps student athletes get noticed. Their website involves player highlights, stats, and an overall recap for every athlete that attends the Simpson Elite Runs.

With more prospects being added weekly and routine runs all throughout Lake County, IL and surrounding areas, student athletes from all over can be invited to participate. For more information including future run dates, visit the Simpson Elite website. You can also sign up for a newsletter for exclusive details via the website.

Simpson Elite Faculty

(Quan Conner, Aaron Simpson, Micheal Simpson, Keith Ford)

Simpson Elite - Girls Run

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