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SisterShips over EVERYTHING

Clears throat.. "Cause your my GIRLFRIEND!!, THERE THROUGH THICK AND THEN.. MY GIRLFRIENDDDD!!!!" The theme song from "Girlfirends"? Ring a bell? Yea ...No? Well fuck yall too then!!

Im just trying to set the mood here!! I loved the show "Girlfriends" growing up, seeing black women making money, being intelligent, capable of being around other women without too much while fully clothed was very inspiring for me lol. You know the media loves to depict black women as "promiscuous, lazy, over sexualized, dumb and always on our backs". Seeing a new age wave of black millennial women was refreshing AF. Even though I love black excellence in any shape or form, "Sex and the City" was and will forever be one of the holy bibles for ya girl. I wanted to be a Carrie, but I ended up evolving into an Miranda (no baby tho). In an even newer wave of black depictions we have the marvelous HBO series created by Issa Rae "INSECURE"!!!!!

A show revolving around Issa, her friend Molly and her ex boyfriend Lawrence as they all maneuver through life lessons and all its uncertainty. Now I could waste all my space preaching on how awesome this show is, but I won't do that considering ain't nooobodddyyy paying me for this post lbvs. I wanna focus on the element that is "SISTERSHIP"!!!

The unbreakable bond with fellow woman, through sickness, health, mood swings, pregnancy, breakups, divorces, affairs, bad hair weaves, poor clothing choices, mental breakdowns, and anything else requiring a person to lean on in a time of need... oh all this is given with "LOYALTY"

Issa & Molly are the epitome of "Sistership", both of them are amazing friends and bad friends towards each other off and alot through out the series lol. Issa seems to always be the voice of reason and possibilities, constantly seeing the glass half full. However, she has her WTF moments, which is when Molly swoops in to smack that ass back to reality. Molly seems like a know it all, and a "I wouldn't be saying this shit if I didn't care" friend. Whether or not we like it, we all need that type of friend. Molly herself get's caught up in her emotions and sexual needs. Hey girl, I ain't mad at you, good dick is hard to come by these days, but never lose yourself for the dick "OKAY". She continues to set herself up for failure, but Issa always tries to uplift Molly no matter what. Talk about holding ya girl down.

Aside from the sting of Love's bite, your "Sistership" is there in a time of need, a time of reassurance and emotional stability. Work can be overwhelming, that petty as coworker you just wanna knock TF out keep trying you and at this point it's tough to keep your hands at your side when you see her... BUT you talk to your girl, who knocks some sense into you reminding you how bad you need this job and that its always "MONEY OVER BITCHES"!! AAAHH yess thank you for reminding me how I too need money to survive and live lmao!!

To the Saturday nights when you don't wanna go out but don't want to be alone. A friend to do absolutely nothing with, yet it feels like the best nothing you could possibly be doing. Your official hype man, the "Girl that ass getting fat" & "You getting thickkkkkk" complimenter, and honestly hearing this just hits differently coming from ya girl then some horny nigga. I SAID WHAT I SAID. To the friend you can do anything and everything with, like that time Molly wanted to go get a Vaginal facial, (broken pussy) lmao!! and she really didn't want Issa to come, but still offered her to roll if she was down. That's the type of closeness I love man, sorry not sorry, but if you can't go get a Vaginal facial (what would we call that btw?, vafacial?) with your homegirl, is she really your homegirl? lmao!! Someone who won't judge you or belittle you. Some one to encourage you to try new things....

"Sistership" is truly lifetime relationship, its bigger than kicking it or posting pictures and sharing each other's shit. In order to have a true sistership you yourself must also be a good friend and not be afraid to admit flaws or faults. Standing up for your friend when she can't defend herself, being loyal and forgiving. Friends do fight, which is expected but real friends, real "sisterships" always bounce back. It may be just one or a bond with few, but this relationship is so much more than some physical attraction which is why it's valued so much. It's a connection that can't EVER...EVER EVER EVER EVER..EVER EVER EVER be erased. So choose your "sistership" wisely.

Pssst""" "go watch Insecure" lol , and check out my latest podcast episode on the Homepage. Stay blessed Queens!!

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