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SOSA is spreading LOVE through dance

MOVE YA BODY GIRLLLLL!!! The beautiful, talented, and captivating Sosa a self taught dancer is bringing the electrifying vibes to dance and babyyy we are HERE FOR IT!! The 22 year old sensation brings vibrancy, passion and individuality with every movement. Born in Washington, DC and raised in Nigeria dancing has always been a part of her life. As a way of feeling free Sosa uses her dancing to connect with people all over. And of course it's a great way to stay in shape and keep your body on point! If I could move my body like Sosa maybe I'd have a 12 pack by now...


Sosa is also a U.S Veteran expressing how "it has progressed my journey of who I'm developing to become." We thank you for your service Queen! Currently a student enrolled at South College University working towards a Bachelors in Nursing, Sosa's passions are bigger than just dance. She wants to push the importance of physical health and self expression. She's been featured everywhere including "Vanguard & The Guardian". Celebrities share her videos over and over on all social media platforms, with views reaching over 2 million!! A PHENOMENAL WOMAN INDEED.

Sosa started her mall dance tour this year, traveling all over with her mesmerizing energy. Recently she just posted a dance clip in "Dubai" !!! Sosa has stated this tour is more than dance, its an opportunity to bring people together with a universal theme (music) & peace!! Sosa's energy and presence is unmatched, captivating anyone she encounters. Her whole vibe is CONTAGIOUS!!!

"God is my strength and I hope he can keep using me to be a light to the world..

Check out her interview on the "Talking ish with Bone" show below !!

Follow Sosa on IG @ Sosa_._ & TicTok @Sosalovee now!!

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