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STANK NASTY making sure we FEEL IT!!

The lyrical phenomenon, artist, and stage rocker "STANK NASTY" is back with another banger and this man just don't miss!!! "My Own lane" ft MVNDO is a true Go Getta anthem. Starting off with a powerful chant, MVNDO's mellow vocals cruise through the hook setting the vibe. STANK comes in heavy and swift, dropping bars dedicated to his craft and his love for hiphop. STANK never disappoints, known for his fast and furious flow, he always goes 0-100 anytime he gets on the mic, leaving anyone who listens wanting more. His lyrical genius pours throughout the track, painting a picture so vivid you can't help but feel it...

Others only see what they can be takin, still they hate on my navigation... I'm cut from a genuine cloth in a world saturated with fabrication....

Thats a whole BAR RIGHT THERE!!! MVNDO was the perfect addition to this song, giving it just the right touch of RnB. Together these two artist created something timeless, motivating and so damn catchy!! Make sure to keep up with "STANK NASTY", he's an artist who is literally "Making his Own Lane"!!

Follow him on IG @Stank_Nasty_ and stream "In My Own Lane" now!!

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