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The ryhme master "Stank Nasty" releases another tantalizing track "BANGER" and he didn't spare any feelings!! The high energy song is another single from the "Illa Noise" artist adding to his long list of singles he's already dropped this year!! "Banger" showcases his lyricism and unique flow he brings to the hiphop and rap world.

"Banger" produced by the talented "Johnny Innuendo" has a gritty and raw feel to it.

Stank comes in strong using explicit lyrics all throughout this THANG!!! He isn't stepping light with lines like "Whether it be a full length page, Imma go super saiyan and rage". Stank shows NO FEAR in this rap sh*t, and ya know what I AM HERE FOR IT!!

STANK uses his explicit words playfully reminding rappers and listener's he's never been the one to dismiss. His raw sound always adds a bold touch to any track he spits on and "Banger" is another example of is boldness. Embodying a unique sound from the Midwest, Stank grabs the attention of hardcore rap fans everywhere. With high-energy filled beats, intoxicating rhymes and an unforgettable style he shows the music world yet again why he's in his own lane.

Go stream "BANGER" on spotify now and follow "STANK NASTY" on all platforms!!


Twitter@stank_nasty_ @StankNasty

Check out his youtube & Subscribe now!!!

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