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Stefhon Daze "Creating a lane of his OWN"

A new wave of music has been surfacing, giving us vibes, lyrics, beats and a memorable artist. Stefhon Daze, residing from the South Side of Chicago is at the forefront of this unstoppable wave being the new sound of "music" we've been missing.

I met Stefhon last year through another artist (S/o Jiggy Bars), and I was instantly blown away. His music was lit but his stage presence and artist aura was just EVERYWHERE!! This man had his sunglasses on all damn night lol, but you could tell when he was on that stage that he owned it, he loved it and made it his home every chance he got. That's talent people... that's knowing your purpose. Stefhon has been doing music all of his life, but to my surprise has only been pursuing it professionally for 2 years. Under the management of YMG Music, Stefhon has been taking the music game by storm!! From his music videos like "Fill My Cup" and his banger "Cosmos" to his performances and shows in different states, I don't think Stefhon plans on letting up anytime soon. With musical influences like Micheal Jackson, you can hear the variety in his sound.

I describe my music as diverse and wide range I’m not stuck in a particular style or box....I would say I’m music, my creativity can’t be limited ...

One of my favorite songs by Stefhon is "C.OT.S.S", a song with a cold ass beat, but it's the lyrics and message behind it that shows Stefhon's skills as a story teller. Writing most of his lyrics as it gives him " the mental therapy", he has plenty of hits lined up just waiting to take us by storm. One of his favorite collabs "a song I recorded with my cousin Moni the Gee she’s a female rapper from Chicago and we compliment each other well the song is titled “FWM” it has not been released yet..." Is just one of the hits coming out later this year. Ok Stefhon, you just gone tease us saying this yo favorite collab and we can't even here it... -__-

I'll let you pass..FOR NOW lol. 2019 was also an amazing year for this artist. From opening up for Kevin Gates, being interviewed on countless radio and media platforms like "Power 92.3, Boot Camp Radio, Fusion Radio" damn I can't keep up!!. And his favorite performance so far...

Favorite performance was at Joes Live in Rosemont, IL I opened for Bone Thugs N Harmony!! It was lit!!

2019 was also the release of his first EP “Broken People Good Hearts”, (Fire ass EP BTW") which was the highlight of his year. Music is constantly evolving, but if it's one thing it's missing...."I feel like it’s missing substance on an overall scale.." its definitely substance. Stefhon is making music that holds weight, music you can listen to 10 years from now and it still resonates. Im excited and eager to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for this amazing artist. Stefhon has a natural star appeal, a smooth flow and overall essence that speaks "influencer". He's creating his own lane in music which makes him nothing short of a "Visionary in the Making".

One of your biggest fans man!! Keep grinding, shining and headlining!!

Follow Stefhon on IG @_Stefhondaze and check his music out under "Stefhon Daze" streaming on all major platforms.

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