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The Rotation : Podcast Edition

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

PODCASTS GALORE!!! The wave of variety in podcasts has expanded tremendously. People are finding a way to incorporate all types of sh*t into their conversations, willingly creating the "Podcast" platform. As far as the limit of podcasting, it does not exist. The beauty of the vocal beast allows society to speak freely and consistently for however long our little hearts desire. The power behind the mic is truly on another level especially with today's influence of the do or die internet. You can see an idea or trending topic, make an episode about it and then promote the hell out of it with the tap of a finger. Sh*t there's even the possibility of shutting a business down, bringing back a sold out item or canceling a character from a show ALL BECAUSE THE INTERNET SAID SO!!!! The obsession with freedom of expression is real, but if you're looking for true salvation in our f*cked up nation these are some podcasts you need in rotation.

  1. Bulture Podcast - is raw, unfiltered and so damn addicting!! Host CEO Mickey has a strong and powerful voice that he isn't afraid to use. Touching on trending and popular topics in an uncensored fashion, he speaks from the unheard or under valued mans perspective. Now, he does like to argue a bit, quickly defending all of his answers and morals he's not one to shut up and agree. CEO Mickey gives us his thoughts without any hesitation, and you know what we need somebody to get on our a** sometimes. "Bulture Podcast" absolutely does it for the culture. You can listen the one of a kind podcast on all streaming platforms.

2. Cocktales Podcast - a show giving unfiltered advice, stories and "cocktales" like yo a** wouldn't believe. Hosted by the hilarious KiKi said so and Medinah Monroe, the two women are not afraid to laugh at the unpredictability of sex and love. Elaborating on all that is freaky deeky under the sun they spill some insight on their own personal sexual encounters...and let me just say.. they DO NOT DISAPPOINT. These ladies bring life into every topic they explore. As their popularity has grown, they've taken their talents on tour doing live shows all over the nation. And of course what's a cocktale without a cocktail? Every week they've got some delicious drink recipe listed on their IG page @cocktalespodcast. Check out all the juicy details on their podcast, available everywhere!!

3, So Problematic Podcast- a show devoted to giving women a voice that can't be heard or who feel misunderstood. Hosts Jillisa & Calvina team up bringing honesty, vulnerability, adulthood and lessons in womanhood. Diving into a problematic world, these ladies breathe confidence and freedom with every topic. Nothing is off limits as conversations about motherhood, self worth and wellness are expressed in detail. If your a woman looking for some healing , or a safe place to be vulnerable this is your TRIBE!!! Stream their latest episode below!!!

4. Konversations with Glo podcast - MY GIRLLL Ms Gloria is a hilariously honest woman having even more honest konversations. This podcast dives into literally all that is hidden or spoken of in the dark. Touching on taboo sexual desires while keeping an open mind, her listener's can always expect the unexpected. Her show is more than a podcast konversation, its a a whole movement!! Her facebook group page has become a daily newspaper for most folks. Everyday someone is asking a crazy a** question or posting a wild meme that sparks a discussion you HAVE TO BE in the facebook group to understand!! Recently she started streaming on the iHeart App on WDRB Radio Station, so you have not excuse as to where you can stream GLO!! Check out her website below!!

5. The Weirdones Podcast - In depth conversation with the group of friends you wish you had. Johnny D Howard, Keenan Riley, Lendery and Chris Riley make up the "weirdones collective. The funny, honest and unfiltered show touches on everything under the sun in pop culture and sports. With a crew that's more like family, the weirdones are like ya brothers talking sh*t but also speaking facts. A true hero in their city, they were nominated for best podcast in Kansas city by the Kansas City People's Choice Awards!! We see you fella's making this podcast thing look easy!! Check out their youtube below, the "Father's Day" episode always gets me going!!

These podcasts give originality, content and conversation like no other. One of the key elements to me at least when it comes to podcasting is literally the gift of gab. However, if you just love to hear yourself talk, that is NOT THE GIFT OF GAB. The power of media especially talk shows is underrated and overlooked, but these shows provide a new vision to the media platform.

Who should be on the next list ?!

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