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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Allen Wilder, musician, performer, creator, LEGEND.

Unapologetically himself, and forever evolving Allen is truly in another stratoshphere.

Making music has always been apart of his life, since a youngin creating came naturally. One of the first artist in his area back when Wiz Khalifa had a Black N Yellow grip on us all, when ED Hardy was designer and life didn't seem so complicated. Even back then he knew, even as the world changes, music can remain timeless.


A mixture of hypnotizing melodies, unique word play, illuminating beats creates a sound that is ALLEN WILDER. His voice has hints of pain and reflection of life and all of its lessons and blessings . When you hear his music you cant help but notice how everything sounds like its own story, giving us a beginning, a middle and end. In order to fully understand "Wilder" you have to know "Charmz Valkom".

Alluded released in 2016 was the debut EP from "Charmz", the younger version of Allen who had not only found his voice...he found his sound. A 3 track EP that was MOTION PICTURE quality. Rolling out 17K streams in its first breath of air on soundcloud stamped "Charmz" as legendary. As the years rolled out ...he continued to push his limits, birthing the ICONIC "ALLEN WILDER".

The Evolution is immaculate and captivating. Every project, song, cover art and expression is profoundly heard and seen. From the "Love Letters" to "Trouble Water" and "Blessings" , the emergence of "ALLEN" shows his true artistry and the ability to push his own limits.

Maintain...But First thing... Gotta point out what you want then go and get it.... Maintain..

2020 came and ALLEN CONQUERED, following an almost 4 year gap he dropped another EP S.I.C.C. A 3 track classic, featuring the sensual "LOVE LETTERS", EMBEDDED, and".

2021 has arrived bringing "The Wilder" effect in full throttle. Performing everywhere, bringing the stage to life. The room pays attention, anticipating every moment he's on the mic. Putting his spirit, and artistry on the stage, each and every single time. Perfection isn't realist, but damnnit Allen just might be it!! Luckily we won't have to wait another 4 years for an EP......ALLUDED II is on the way.

A 7 track EP filled with good spirits, serenades and vivid descriptions. The question isnt is ALLEN WILDER ready for the the world ready for ALLEN WILDER.

Stay tuned for the "Wilder Hour" special. Dropping this month!!

Follow ALLEN Wilder on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and everywhere you stream music.


Facbook: Allen Wilder

Youtube: Allen Wilder

Photography : Calvinscandids ,

IG : Calvinscandids,

Youtube: CalvinsCandids

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