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"What I am" is everything NATE GRAMZ is.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

"Ghetto Preacher" is back!!1 Bringing us them ghetto gospels and spirituals we didn't know we needed. "What I AM" is the latest drop from Nate Gramz, a Chicago artist putting his foot on NECKS. This song is filled with emotion and vulnerability, detailing pieces of his craft, his life and his self.

"What I am is a sinner , I'm no way of perfect"

Nate is a man who accepts he's still growing and learning himself, its the transparency in the lyrics that's really eye-catching. He gives praise to himself, lines like "What I am is a King with Gods Plan", is giving "PROPHET" energy for me !!!! The pain and emotion in Nate's voice always sends chills , like damn did you open your chest, rip your heart out and lay it down on the track?1! The raspiness in his voice, the deepness, the flow..its all there.

Embodying his experiences and flowing effortlessly over this beat, reminding us "He's a man with a purpose"!!!. The song is under 3 minutes, almost like a small teaser or preview. (WE NEED MORE PLEASE) Nate's been coming hard and consistent with his music and this latest hit is just a taste of what's to come. The cover art designed by Chicago graphic designer Katelyn Maxon, is captivating and symbolic. It's showing all of the makings of the young legend "NATE GRAMZ" and whats left to come.

Go stream "WHAT I AM" now on all platforms!!! Congratulations to Nate his new hit was played Sunday 7/18/2021 on Power 92.3!!! Talk about an exclusive drop !!!

IG @NateGramz, @K.Maxon (Graphic Designer for cover art).

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