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Zaystone "Unapologetically Iconic"

My first name is Isaiah (I-Zay-Uh), and anything I’ve been through I’ve remained solid, so that’s where the last name of “Stone” came from.

ZAYSTONE!!!!, one of my favorite underground artist from the midwest was explaining to me, the origin of his stage name. A natural show stopper and crowd pleaser, this artist has been making waves for a minute now. Recording and writing music for over 7 years, he's no rookie to making authentic and original music. He describes his style as ...

A vibe. And I’ve really just started tapping into a more natural and personal creative experience, so the vibes will only get better.

With influences like Stevie Wonder and comparisons to Drake and Tory Lanez.. ( I can definitely see the Tory comparison btw), Zaystone has a certain iconic feel you can't help but acknowledge. Seriously tho, I was able to witness a live performance and the energy behind his stage presence is captivating.

Free-styling his melodies and hooks, while writing his verses, his diversity has no limits. A personal favorite song and video his hit "Change" shows the range Zaystone is bringing. From the smooth beat with that bad ass flute "i think it was a flute lol" and his calm voice flowing over the beat, I play that shit NONE-STOP. And the video was fire, shot by the young goat "King Art"!!. And we see you Zay tryna flex them muscles with that fly as fedora hat!!! I'm here to tell you, I like it and condone any shirtless men rapping fire lyrics lol.

Zaystone had an incredible year in 2019, from working with Chicago artist "Taco" being featured on his single "Dreams" and performing at the House of Blues, fuck dreaming this man is manifesting shit!! Describing the experience as indescribable.......

"House of Blues was an incredible experience and definitely my favorite performance so far. Big shoutout to my bro Taco for including me and also having a dope performance as well...".

Finding inspiration in his family, his team, and all that is positivity Zaystone is always a source of good vibes, even when he's not performing. Every time I chop it up with him its always funny, like foreal this man is funny and so genuine. He seems like the poetic drunk, like if yall go out and drink not only will he rap but he will drop some real knowledge on you lmao!! Aside from being an artist Zaystone is a father, making this daddy life look easy. I was curious to know how hard it was juggling fatherhood but to my surprise it's not as hard as it seems.

Honestly it’s easy. I just do what I can and trust God on the rest. Having a great and supportive environment also helps. As my mom always told me growing up, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Now I understand.

His single "Moments" out right now is one of his favorite projects currently, and like a lot of other great talents he's keeping all the new good shit under wraps -___- lol. It's coo, I'll be waiting on the new fire to drop!! Zaystone is a memorable artist, from the moment he graces the stage or spits a lyric he's got you hooked. A certain charismatic charm that's undeniable, a style all of his own and a vibe we just can't get enough of. It's all of those elements that make him "Unapologetically Iconic".

What to expect from Zaystone in 2020...

A lot. New music, new vibes. I don’t like speaking on things too much but this is going to be an incredible year, and another big momentum builder for Zay Stone Ent.

The work ethic is crazy here!! Zaystone the great mark my words!!

Follow Zaystone on IG @zaybstone, youtube Zay stone.

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